Not only is it a fantastic old school Fresh Prince song: but it also starts this weekend. 

What a nice looking weekend too.  Any plans?  Cooking out maybe?  Baseball games?  Dinner by the water?   Pool Opening?  Drinks and desserts with friends?  A weekend with family?  Lucky for me, it is all of the above.

I have two games this weekend.  Tomorrow morning my JV squad hopes to rebound from yesterdays debacle(always one a year but will make for a fun practice today 😉  ) and a Varsity game on Monday as they vie for win #12(and that is a true surprise.)

Since our baby registry was wiped clean, we have to go again to register(oh darn!) and in the process figure out how all this stuff will fit in our cozy little house. 

 Dinner at Bills is always a blast and the promise of, and I quote, “…cocktails and smores…”  



like that is hard to turn down.

My parents get their pool open as well( I hope) and no one is more excited then Nikki and maybe my step-dad. 

All in all a weekend to look forward to and this is just the start of crazy-ass weekends thru August and I love it.


3 Responses to “Summertime”

  1. ohhhh I might be going to Bills tonight too! But not until “late” (8:00) after my softball game. Don’t pretend like you don’t see me!

  2. I wanted to go Friday night, just cuz I felt like it, but, as it is the start of SUMMER for many Westbrook visitors, I opted not to. But tomorrow’s another day.

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