Idol Schm-idol


I know that I am in a bit of a minority here, but thank all that is holy that American Idol is over.  There is not a show on TV that I loathe more.  It drives me nuts that it is all people talk about for days on end.  It kills me that other stations and TV shows(hello Today Show) cover the results which just gives free run for another network’s show(meanwhile NBC’s ratings against Idol are awful!!)  I guess that the fans think these singers have talent, all I hear are good or great songs butchered by amateurs(really its a fancy Karaoke night at a local bar!) 

I can’t believe that dumbed-down fluff like Idol survive and are popular while great shows like West Wing, Studio 60, and Friday Night Lights, and others get cancelled or bumped to a random channel.  I give the Peacock credit for trying out new shows that are written well, acted well, and god forbid, actually make the viewers think and/or learn a little. The problem though,  is that since they are “critically acclaimed”(a true black mark in TV) and not widely popular the shows have no chance. 

 Meanwhile shows like Idol, Dancing with the Stars(really, how is ballroom dancing fun to watch), or Deal or no Deal(c’mon, winning money for picking a briefcase, good god!!!) all carry on. 

I’m just sick of the whole thing.  I heard a little from both singers yesterday, and if that’s who was left, who the hell get voted off?  If these were the two best, the show is scrapping the bottom of the barrel.  Maybe, just maybe the show is reaching the end of its rope.


3 Responses to “Idol Schm-idol”

  1. How did this happen people? I thought Adam had this in the bag….Oh….my heart hurts!

    • UGh, just the worst torture watching it. Scoots, I like your theory though and Cynthia, new readers and comments are always welcome, Thanks.

  2. Man…if it wasn’t for these shows I would have nothing to look forward to. Watching Reality TV is like going to a car race… walk away feeling so good about yourself!! HA!

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