One At Bat

OK, first off you can count me as one of the few people who isn’t at all impressed with Adam Greenberg and his at bat last night as a Marlin vs. the Mets.  He had his lifelong dream fulfilled seven years ago.  I’ll admit, it’s a crappy way to have your at bat end, but that’s baseball.  There are risks in the sport and that’s one of them.  I understand all the difficulties that he had to overcome and no doubt will have to battle for the rest of his life.  Just because he has overcome those obstacles does not mean he earned a chance to get one more at bat.  He worked hard to get back on the field, great.  But there are plenty of career minor leaguers that work just as hard if not harder that will never get one at bat, let alone a 2nd.  You don’t see them starting an online petition begging teams to give them a chance.  Last night, Sportscenter actually tweeted out that his at bat was inspirational.  That was hardly inspirational.

Now this is:

We had a chance to interview Anthony Robles this morning.  What an amazing kid.  Born with one leg and overcame that to become NCAA wrestling champ.  Try to do anything with one leg.  Anything at all.  Now try to go wrestle.  He’s one hell of a nice guy and a very eloquent speaker.  He is on a book tour to promote his book .  This is a kid that was raised by a single parent to believe that he could and can do anything.   He never really thought of himself as disabled.  I had a chance to talk to him very briefly and you could feel the positivity coming from him.  A great kid with a great attitude that did it the right way through hard work and perseverance.  No one ever gave him a second chance.  He was able to make the most of his one and only chance.

Now that’s a remarkable story.


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