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Things that piss me off

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When a small thing gets blown up into something bigger because someone in power feels the need to interject themselves.

I saw two things like that this morning.  The 1st involved UCONN’s new running back coach and the comments he made in the Hartford Courant.  Here is a link to the article.

Now, I’m not a religious person.  I do believe that Jesus Christ existed but I don’t believe he’s the son of god.  Again, I’d rather not get started on a religious tirade.  I see nothing wrong with what the football coach said.  That’s his beliefs and I don’t think he’s pushing any religion on anyone.  In his terms, I think he’s talking about a higher power that kids need to believe and trust in.  Lets not forget that he came from Notre Dame, a fairly big catholic school.  UCONN is a public school and the President doesn’t want any university employee to push religion on kids.  Well, I looked through their course catalog this morning and they have classes that teach about Hindu and Jewish faiths and cultures.  So, the school can offer classes in other religions and cultures, but your football coach can’t bring up his?  Seems strange to me.  One counterpoint to that was brought up this morning that a football or athletic field isn’t an educational  setting and he’s not a teacher.  I couldn’t disagree with that sentiment more.  I think one of the best places for any person to learn is on the sports field and from really good coaches.  There is so much that they can offer in real life teachings that you can’t get from a book.  UCONN hired these men to lead their football team and it’s football players.  I say let them do what you hired them to do and if one of the way he gets through to his players is the teachings of the bible, then so be it.  Kids are smart enough to filter out what they don’t need and to take the meaning of teachings as it applies to them.

Wanna hear something even more ridiculous?  A bunch of US Senators are bashing the Golden Globes for “glamorizing” the use of cigarettes.  Yep, this is exactly why we elected these guys, to bash a hollywood award show over a skit where grown-ups are smoking a fake cigarette.  boy, there must be nothing else for these guys to do.  That whole immigration thing is solved, the budget is balanced, gun control is figured out and the debt is erased.  I mean all the big stuff must be settled for them to focus on this.  C’mon guys, I am as anti-smoking as the next guy but lets use some common sense here.  These are adults on a movie award show having fun and making fun of the movie industry.  Lets not get all high ‘n’ mighty now Senators.  Learn to pick your battles a little better.  Is this really about the message it’s sending?  One, how many kids are up watching  and two do you think these kids are now running out today because Julia Louis Dreyfuss took a drag of a fake, water vapor cigarette.  I don’t think you give kids these days enough credit.  How bout you guys in Washington try to focus on the bigger issues like trying not to run our country into the ground, thanks.

OK, I’m done.


One At Bat

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OK, first off you can count me as one of the few people who isn’t at all impressed with Adam Greenberg and his at bat last night as a Marlin vs. the Mets.  He had his lifelong dream fulfilled seven years ago.  I’ll admit, it’s a crappy way to have your at bat end, but that’s baseball.  There are risks in the sport and that’s one of them.  I understand all the difficulties that he had to overcome and no doubt will have to battle for the rest of his life.  Just because he has overcome those obstacles does not mean he earned a chance to get one more at bat.  He worked hard to get back on the field, great.  But there are plenty of career minor leaguers that work just as hard if not harder that will never get one at bat, let alone a 2nd.  You don’t see them starting an online petition begging teams to give them a chance.  Last night, Sportscenter actually tweeted out that his at bat was inspirational.  That was hardly inspirational.

Now this is:

We had a chance to interview Anthony Robles this morning.  What an amazing kid.  Born with one leg and overcame that to become NCAA wrestling champ.  Try to do anything with one leg.  Anything at all.  Now try to go wrestle.  He’s one hell of a nice guy and a very eloquent speaker.  He is on a book tour to promote his book .  This is a kid that was raised by a single parent to believe that he could and can do anything.   He never really thought of himself as disabled.  I had a chance to talk to him very briefly and you could feel the positivity coming from him.  A great kid with a great attitude that did it the right way through hard work and perseverance.  No one ever gave him a second chance.  He was able to make the most of his one and only chance.

Now that’s a remarkable story.

Figure It Out

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How many other people are embarrassed with the actions of those fools in Washington the past few months?  I am so sick of these windbags it’s hard to put into words, but I damn will try.

This country has gone through unprecedented times with the whole budget mess and now the downgrade by the S&P.  The President can say what he wants but I am sure S&P aren’t the only ones that are losing faith in our country and how it is being run.

The thing that gets me the most is the childish back and forth between the two parties.  I am a registered democrat but both parties have equal blame here.  Un fact, we all are to blame for this mess.  I was so pissed when I heard the responses on Sunday to the news of the downgrade.  Both sides were quick to blame the others and not one had a solution.  When are these idiots going to get it through their thick skulls that the only way to come to an agreement is to bury these petty little squabbles and come together for the good of the country?  I just don’t get how this isn’t happening.

The Continental Congress (yeah, I’m going there) was made up of men from different backgrounds with different views and they were able to put aside these feelings for what was best for all.  The biggest difference between the two is that our forefathers were well spoken intelligent people who could have a healthy debate without it getting personal.  In the end it all got figured out.  Washington can’t do that anymore.  If they don’t get they’re way the first thing they do is walk out and then complain to either MSNBC or FOX News.  For god sakes, during one of the most critical meetings of this process, Boehner stormed out of a meeting with Obama because he didn’t get exactly what he wanted.  I expect that kind of behavior from my two-year-old daughter, not the 2nd in line for the Oval Office.

We are feeling the pinch.  401k’s are tanking, interest rates on loans are in danger of going up and all this is happening while Congress and the President sit and blame one another.  Do you actually think that these people give a shit what we are going through?  They have their pensions and retirements all secured.  Now, they are just concerned with getting re-elected so those sweet paydays can continue.  How great would it be if the members of the executive and legislative branch give up their salaries until they can come to an agreement to get our country and it’s deficit under control.  Maybe, just maybe we should re-examine what is worth being federally funded like this one here.  You can’t tell me that this is the only stupid-ass waste-of-money study out there.  While lots of great things have come from public backed research, stoned monkeys is not one of them.

This seems to me as a problem with a fairly “easy” solution.  The only issue is the blowhards in DC.  Now I will do what I can and still vote for the person I believe will make the biggest impact in Washington.  I hope that we start to get an influx of really smart and sensible young Americans that want a change and decide to run for office.  It seems we need new blood and the only way this is all going to change is by getting rid of the old guard.  I am not the answer but I am positive that there are enough young men and women out there that are ready for this challenge.  Your country has never needed you more.  This truly is a time for us to rise up as one and try to save all of us from this massive free fall. 

This is still the greatest country in the land with the greatest minds in the world.  It is time that we rise up and show the world that we are serious.  Getting through this together without the name-calling and finger-pointing is the only way to solve this crisis.

Karma’s a bitch

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Whoever you are acura driver, you’ll get yours someday.  You just don’t fly up someones ass, cut em off while merging and almost causing a huge accident on rt. 2 w/o karma kickin your ass.  Whatever it is you’ll deserve it!

Cashed Out

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I’ve learned over the years when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.  Well, I’m here to tell you: I’m done.  Up here, I’m already gone. 

I think after nine months of coaching and going at it pretty hard since September, I have reached the tipping point.  The only think that is getting me through right now is 12pm on Friday.  Right now, I’m faking it till I make it. 

It’s tough to get motivated for anything.  Blog….eh.  Golf……blah.  Gym…..whatever.  Work, well that pays the bills so all my focus and energy goes there.  I just need a mental break ya know.  Ten days of decompressing.  Little responsibilities.  Not a lot of cares.  Just Nikki, Avery, Macbeth, Me and the quiet sounds of relaxation.  I know I will be back with a new-found energy and exuberance. 

Just get me the f#$% to Friday!!!!!!!!

Not Amused

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Uh, haven’t you had your fill of us yet there Old Man Winter?  I think we have taken enough of your crap.  Lets remember your season is done.  Mother nature WTF??  It’s spring finally and you dump this garbage on us now?  Why do I feel like a poor kid stuck in the middle of your petty fights.  Can’t we just agree to see you both. 

OMW we’ll hook up again in November.  We’ll be excited to feel the nip in the air and the snow making a bleak late fall season turn to an innocent shade of snow-covered white. 

Momma Na, we want to hang with you for a while, but you are making it very difficult right now.  What kind of cruel joke is this?  Folks were out this weekend, myself included, cleaning up their yards from the past few brutal months.  Now you turn around and throw snow back in our face?  For Christs sake I went golfing yesterday.  This s**t’s gotta end!!!  Baseball, softball and golf all start this week and we gotta get outside.

I hope you get it all out of your system.  I think we have earned a nice and warm spring.  We all put up with your winter fun and now we want a little reward.  What, was last Thursday and Friday your little sadistic joke?  “Hey, lets tease these poor saps then dump some snow, rain and forty degree temps on ’em, It’ll be hilarious!!!!”  Well pardon my french, but you’re an a*&^%le!!!!!!!!!!!!

I JUST WANT SOME GOD DAMN WARM WEATHER AND I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I’m done.

What’s the Big Bloody Deal?

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Can someone out there please explain to me what’s the big flippen’ deal with this wedding between William and Kate across the pond?

Why are people all in arms over this?  He’s in his thirties and balding and she’s just a regular girl from the country.  Honestly, she is pretty ordinary looking to add to it.  Are we supposed to be excited because they are the king and queen in waiting?  Does the monarchy even matter any more?  Aren’t they just one of the last ways the Brits can hold on to what they once were?  Also, why as Americans should we be excited about this, wasn’t their some big hullabaloo a few decades back that rid us of their rule?  I know these are a lot of questions but this is driving me nuts. 

While the Middle East is being turned up-side down and Wisconsin isthisclose to taking away workers rights, this stupid ass wedding gets national press.  You gives a flying F@#$ if the invitations are sent out.  I ain’t getting one.  None of the people I know are getting one and I am pretty sure no one you know is getting one so why all the excitement.

The worst thing is there is still two months of over-the-top-hype which I am sure will conclude with live coverage of the nuptials across all media platforms, including us.  Ugh, can’t wait for that day’s news. 

I wonder if the Queen has issues with this girl like she did Diana? 

That’s all I am saying…………..