Jay: Tourney Time!!!

First off, I thought I was abandoned by my fellow AM bloggers. It’s good to see that Pete gathered enough strength to hit buttons on a keyboard.

Well, Spring begins tomorrow, sure doesn’t feel like it though. Pretty blah day today, cold the rest of the week(end) thank god that a week from today, I’ll be making my way down to
F-L-A!!!! for five days of fun and ball under gorgeous sun. Of course I’ll be thinking of all you back up here in CT ;)!! SO far the first week and 1/2 of practice has gone really well. All our pitchers look strong, the freshman are hard-workers with a lot of potential and our Seniors have been outstanding. We are very pleased with the teams progress. 1st scrimmage on Sat., weather permitting, it’ll be nice to see how we do against live arms and bats.

Filled out my brackets today. I got UCONN losing to the Drake(gotta love the drake) in round 2. I saw them play a few weeks ago and the biggest thing I took away was how they would be a match-up nightmare for the Huskies. Only a few big early round upsets: Villanova over Clemson, Siena over Vandy, and Temple over Mich. St. I do think that both Tenn. and Duke will lose in round two. My final four, North Carolina, Kansas, Texas, and UCLA. I know boring, three #1’s and a #2, but i think the high seeds are really, really good. And I have Pitt beating Memphis clearing the road for the Longhorns. I thought UCLA was the best team in Nov. and I do now, the Bruins will make John Wooden proud by winning one more time in his life.

Can’t wait for the Sox to start. 6am next Tues and Wed. Set the alarms early, get up have some hot dogs for breakfast and head off to work. What a great way to start a day. Maybe by then it will start to feel like Spring, even though a little birdie told me it could be a rough start next week. Yuk!!!


3 Responses to “Jay: Tourney Time!!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Watch out. The Red Sox game MAY be canceled! Glad to see they are standing up for the coaches.

  2. A great show of unity. Just goes to show that not only are they classy World Champs, but classy individuals. On that same topic, Kudos to the Yankee org. for playing a game vs. Va Tech and the old man for donating a cool mill to the school.

  3. its taken me a few more days, but i finally worked up enough strength to reply to this post.

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