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A Silver Lining

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When you are forced to cover a story like the Sandy Hook shooting, your only goal is to get the correct information out to the viewing public as quickly as possible.  You try to be accurate, dependable, credible and reliable.  I believe we did our absolute best that day and the weeks that followed as a TV station.  You never, ever have the chance to think, hey you know what, this is award-winning material we got going on here.

As it turns out, that’s just what it was.  Our station, NBC Connecticut has been awarded the very prestigious Peabody Award for Breaking News.

The Peabody is an award that is given out annually to honor the best of the best in television both traditional broadcasting and on cable.  The winners are picked by a panel of TV professionals, critics and certain academia.  It is an award given out by fellow broadcasting professionals to others in the same field.  It is very similar to the Pulitzer Prize for writing.

While I am immensely proud of everyone here at NBC Connecticut, I thinks it’s safe to say we would give this award back in a heartbeat if it meant we could get back just one, if not all of those 26 lives lost that horrible day.

That was the worst day of my professional career.  I hope I never have to go through something like that again.  I feel even worse for the reporters and the videographers who were on the scene seeing this tragedy unfold in front of them.  Of course none of this compares to the hurt and anger those families had to live through and continue to, to this day.

In light of all that, this is a major achievement and I am honored and humbled to be a part of it.  This is a testament to the kind of hard work and dedication that my co-workers show on a daily basis.  After that day I hated my job for a while.  Today, I am proud as a *ahem* peacock.  This helps validate what we all went through those early hours and days of this horrific and it is something I can look back on and feel proud of the work that we all did.

Finally, I just want to thank all my co-workers for all the hard work and literally the blood, sweat and tears in covering this tragedy. Two of the three in particular, morning reporter Liz Dahlam and her photog John Senecal, were absolutely awesome.  To put it simply they were the best of the best that day and it was such a comfort that I had two people out in the field that I could trust fully and thought along the same lines that I did.  Having John on the other end made our broadcast do much better.  The third was producer Chris Ayotte.  the two of us joke that we are each other’s “work spouse.”  We fight sometimes like a married couple but no matter what, we know what the other is thinking in the booth.  I don’t think there is anyone besides her that I would want in the booth during a story like this.

With all that said, today some more details will be released about the shootings.  I just hope that the people of Sandy Hook continue to be strong and the employees of NBC Connecticut share in your pain,  anger and continued recovery.



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Wow, what a 36 hours. 

Never would have thought that I would be here on Sunday night, working on 3 hours of sleep and so overly satisfied with a job well done. 

When I found out that we were going non-stop from 3pm till whenever, I was a bit sceptical.  Never did I think that anyone would give a crap about hurricane coverage in the early AM hours.  Boy, was I wrong.  We absolutely dominated the airwaves during the height of the storm.  We were everywhere you needed us to be covering the impact of Irene.  All of us here at the Peacock made huge personal sacrifices to deliver the type of storm coverage the citizens of Connecticut deserves.  So many people gave up vacation days to work and get that out to the state.  We all left loved ones behind, not knowing what would be left in store for us when we got back.  Personally, I am lucky that Nikki and Avery were able to stay at my parents house and the fact the very tall trees next to our house decided to stay upright.

Back to out news team though.  Many believe that we hype storms just to make us seem more important.  I can honestly tell you that for us, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  We stayed on for 26 straight hours because we needed to get out the information to you.  Regardless of the major or minor impact of Irene on you, many in this state had their lives flipped upside down by this storm.  Flooding and power outages are historic.  This was a major storm and we were the ones you thought so much of our state that we felt we needed to walk you through it every step of the way.  And you know what, you guys watched. 

We all have so many days when we walk away from work and are just defeated, disgruntled or plain ol’ pissed off.  So few are the times when you can walk away with your head held high knowing that what you did was truly remarkable.  We impressively beat down our competition the past few days and nothing is better than the sweet taste of victory. 

I may be boasting a bit, but in the immortal words of one Kid Rock: It ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up.

Shameful journalism

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and I use the term journalism very loosely in this case.  I’m sure many of you are aware of the disturbing story out of a Connecticut middle school about kids playing “The chocking game.”  If not, here is the link to catch you up.  There are numerous ways to cover a story like this, but even a quasi-intelligent person understands when the line is crossed.

This morning, and I am almost sure last night, WFSB, Channel 3 in Connecticut felt that it was right and in good taste to show video of kids actually playing this game, ON THEIR NEWSCASTS!!!!!!!  Are you freaking kidding me???  Where the hell are their heads?  How can a responsible producer, directer, anchor, or anyone else involved in a newscast feel that showing video of kids performing this act is the right thing to do?  Do they realize that kids have died from doing this stupid stunt?  Do they know what it entails?  Do any of them have kids and if they do would they want them seeing this on TV?  Yes I realize it is widely available to the Internet savvy, but to make it so easy for a young, impressionable teen to view this is sickening.  How can these folks actually feel good about this?  How can the people who get their news from Channel 3 actually trust and respect them?  I can guarantee you that would never make air in any of my shows and I know for a fact that no one, and I mean no one that I work with would ever put that video on air!!!!  I am proud of the men and women I work with and their journalistic integrity, and yet at the same time completely embarrassed that someone in my industry feels that is OK to show.

Channel 3 may get more viewers then us, but one thing is for sure, at least I can feel good about how we report the news and as viewers, you can feel good that the news you are watching from Channel 30 will never stoop to levels that classless!!!!!!!