Finally a decent weekend of football.  What a comeback for UConn against Notre Dame.  That win, coupled with yet another Michigan made for a 50/50 Saturday.

These two programs are at major crossroads in their programs path.  This will come to a head next September when the two open the season at the Big House in Ann Arbor, MI.

First for Michigan.  Saturday marked the fifth year in a row they have lost to archrival Ohio St.  This is also the second year in a row with a losing record and as a result, finished tied for last place in the Big Ten.  It has been a long and frustrating season.  From the early season accusations about practice time to the hope of a 4-0 start to the disapointing 1-7 finish. 

On the plus-side, a lot of freshman and sophmores gained valuable experience.  On the down-side, freshman and sophmores tend to make a ton of mistakes.  I really can’t fault the coaching staff too much.  They took over a program that had bare cubbards of talent.  They installed a brand new offense last year and a brand new defense this year.  They only had 70 of an NCAA max of 85 scholarship players on the roster.  It takes time to recruit the talent you need to run a system.  This winter and spring will be huge for the talent base.  This staff needs to recruit the hell out of the country to get what they need. 

This can go two ways.  Either this will be an utter failure and a new staff will be fired after next season or we’ll continue to see an improvment, the Maize and Blue will head to a bowl and the future will be bright.  I am certain that the latter will happen.

As for UConn, the future is ungodly bright.  What a huge win for the program on Saturday.  On a national stage, they showed the country just what UConn football is all about.  I betcha they picked up 3-4 recruits that were on the fence with that performance.  They gotta build on this though.  Go out and win your last two games at home and get to a bowl.  Bring in another solid class of recruits to continue the process. 

Next September you are playing in front of 110,000 pissed off Michigan fans and against a Michigan team with everything to prove. 

This game will define where these two programs are headed.  Can UConn prove it is worthy of big-boy status or will Michigan start righting the ship, proving to the country they are still the Champions and the Best?

They should be a great game and yes, I have already started counting down the days till September 4th.