Just Like Old Times

I’ve gone on record many times that my four years in college were some of the best times in my life.  It’s where I found myself (who knew it’d be in Wilkes-Barre, PA) and found my wife.  While King’s College wasn’t my #1 pick, it seems to have been the best place for me.  Who knows how my life would have turned out if I went to Michigan, but I know for sure I don’t want to know.  I made my choice and never looked back in anger. 

Another reason why King’s ended up being the place for me: the lifelong friendships.  Saturday, Nikki and I were able to meet up with my old roommate and his wife who really was like our 7th roommate.  I lived with five other guys and while we don’t keep in touch as much as we’d like os should, it doesn’t change the fact how good of friends we are.  Saturday, the four of us fell right into things like we hadn’t missed a beat.  It was just like old times, well, without the crappy beer, drunken co-eds and ramen noodles of course.

Even though life takes us in different directions, I always know that no matter what, those friends that I spent so much time with will always be there.  I think that’s what made those years so unbelievable.  The times I spent with those core of friends. 

So from Cooter, Jerry, Justin and Pat to Dom, Miggs, Irish and Sweets along with Leanne, Eileen, Meg and of course Nikki even though you may not hear from me as much as I should, it’s great to know that when we do talk or get together, we never miss a beat.

I sure hope that you are lucky enough to have those kinda friends.  Of course, if anyone wanted any dirt on me at all…….


Wanna Feel Old?

Thank you to Chris Ayotte for today’s post. 

The class of 2015 starts their freshman years of college the next few weeks and you’d be shocked at some of the things that have never been part of their lives. 

The Mindset List is compiled every year by Beloit College.  Some of the things are crazy.  They don’t remember the OJ chase!  Almost all culture references of the 90’s go right over their head.  They have no idea about Melrose Place or the old Beverly Hills 90210.  I mean how can they not have an opinion on the Dylan/Kelly/Brenda mess?  Jay Leno has always been the Tonight Show host.  OK, there was that Conan experiment but you know what I mean.  Most of them only remember Keith Olbermann as a blowhard MSNBC host and not a blowhard Sportscenter host. 

There are so much more things that this generation has just been used to growing up with.  I’ve had the pleasure of coaching a small fraction of these kids and am comfortable knowing that they are ready for whatever the world throws at them next.  I’ll be in more shock when the class of 2018 gets ready for college because most would be born after I graduated High School.


Humpday Convo: College

First off, before I get into our weekly convo, I want to take this time to congratulate the 2011 seniors graduating today from Nathan Hale-Ray High School.  I especially want to say congrats to the seniors that I had the pleasure of coaching these past four years.  These seniors just wrapped up one of the most succesful athletic years ion recent memory and they should all be proud of their achievements.  So: JT, Pete, Kenny, Zach, Robbie, Morgan, Denny, Nikki, Becca, Meghan, Pat, Ty and Tony job well done, enjoy this day and Project Grad tonight.  This is your time to shine, eat it up.  Proud of all of you, Good Luck in the future and I’ll see ya tonight.

Now, onto the question at hand.  What college did you go to and why?  This is without a doubt the most important decision you make in your life at that time.  Without you even realizing it, it sets your life down a path of opportunities and failures that will define you as a person. 

I went to King’s College in Wilkes-Barre, PA.  It is a small liberal arts college where I majored in communications.  As soon as I walked on campus it just felt right.  I liked that it was small.  I was coming from a very small town where I graduated high school with only 46 people.  It felt right going to another small school.  There isn’t a day that goes by I don’t regret my decision.  Sure, I had pipe dreams of going to Michigan(got accepted too) but the price was too much.  Everything about King’s was right.  Now, because of that one decision I have a great job in a great place.  A wonderful wife and an unbelievable daughter and lifelong friendships.  You can’t ask for much more from a school.

I wish the same thing on these Little Noises grads!!  Congrats and Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fraying of the Vest

It all started the minute that Terrelle Pryor said he was going to Ohio St.  That was the beginning of the end of Jim Tressel’s coaching reign.

Two other schools were in heavy on Pryor, now Michigan and Penn St. can sit back and breathe a sigh of relief that he

See Ya Sucka!!!

chose Columbus. 

This whole mess has left me feeling very happy.  It couldn’t have happened to a better school.  Now, I am a tad biased but the school got what was coming to them.  They have made a habit of recruiting guys with questionable backgrounds and now it has caught up with them.  Of course that sort of thing happens all over the college football landscape, even at the great University of Michigan but the fact that it is Ohio St and thee sweater vest wearing coach makes it that much sweeter.

To recap, some of Tressel’s players traded good for tattoo’s, which under NCAA rules is a no-no.  Tressel knew about the transgressions and sat on it for months.  He could have cleared it all up by reporting it ASAP.  That way he would still have a job and his kids would not have been gives such a harsh penalty( suspended 5 games next season).  Instead the Vest thought he was bigger and better than the rules and tried to sweep it under the carpet.  Well, now he gets his comeuppance.  Not only did it happen this past year, but it has been happening regularly since 2002 and it involves 28 players.  OUCH!!!!

Now, he has resigned and there are rumors that Pryor will not be eligible this season because he has other violations (he has had 6 different cars in three years, all registered to car dealerships in Columbus) and the once proud program is in disarray. 

Now I know that this will only be a setback.  This is too strong of a university and program that this will only slow them down.  What this does do though is open the door wide open for Michigan to regain its rightful place atop the Big Ten.  They are in a prime spot with a new coach and a new outlook.  They have the returning talent to compete right away and as a fan I am already fired up for the season to start. 

Do I feel bad for the OSU fans out there, absolutely not.  You thought that Tressel was the second coming when all he turned out to be was a lying, cheating SOB.  He just takes his place in line behind al the other bad rep coaches at that school.  Cooper couldn’t beat Michigan and Hayes just beat his players. 

Way to make the state and school proud guys.

As always, Hail to the Victors and Go Blue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to Big Time Football UConn

This is what happens when you are succesful.  Others want your services.  What Edsall did is no different than what any other person would do.  He worked hard at his original job, succeeded and was rewarded with a bigger opportunity.  He didn’t abandon his players or his school.  He didn’t stab the state in the back.  He simply did what he thought was better for him, why is that so bad?  He spent 12 very good years here.  He was able to accomplish what many only dreamed of.  The UConn football family should thanks Edsall for his time here and wish him luck in College Park.

Now, Maryland the program isn’t necessarily a huge step up like Notre Dame would have been.  It is a more established program.  He took UConn as far as he could take it.  This Maryland job is another stepping stone for him.  If he can improve the program, win a few ACC titles then you’ll see Edsall at a big time school soon.  That’s what he is looking at.  The ACC is a better conference and gives him a better chance in his career.

Look at this as a great opportunity for UConn.  They can go on a national search for their next coach.  They don’t need to settle for some no-names with state ties like the Hartford Courant suggested this morning.  (How can the biggest paper in the state be so poor in their choices: Mark Whipple Ken O’Keefe and Norries Wilson.  Yeah, who the hell are these guys is right.)  I think the school needs to shoot for the stars (sorry for the lame cliché.)  If Rich Rodriguez gets let go by Michigan, he should be choice #1.  Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach could be an option, albeit a risky one.  I think the most likely scenario is that the next coach currently resides in the MAC or Conference USA.  I really like the Tulsa coach Todd Graham.  He’s had a great three-year run and may be looking for a BCS conference job.  Another possible route is a big-time offensive or defensive coordinator from a major program like a Penn State. 

Really the possibilities are endless.  Like I said this should be a time to celebrate.  The program has a chance to build off a very good season and try to improve under a new coach in the years to come.  If the administration plays their cards right, we could be looking at the dawning of a great era of Connecticut football.  If they botch this though, the program will be set back many years.

Just do it right.

Humpday Convo

With most colleges wrapping up the first semester this week, it got me to thinking about my college life and how freaking awesome it was.  It was four of the best years of my life, made some life long friends and met my wonderful wife.  Yet with all those good times, there was some, uh, issues.  C’mon everyone has one of those stories.  So that leads me to this weeks question:

Worst roommate story.

There are so many to choose from.  The problem is most of them resulted from drunken escapades so those I can’t count based on principle.

So the one story that is a personal fave of mine happened my freshman year.  My roommate for a couple of nights came into the room at 3am, turned on all the lights, turned on the TV and the radio and left the room.  He then would come back in and talk loudly on the phone.  Oh, did I forget to say I was sound asleep with a 7am class, yeah I was not a happy camper.  So I let this go for a few days till I snapped.

I didn’t say anything to him, instead I plotted my revenge.  The 1st stage was putting goldbond powder in his underwear and shampoo in his socks.  The next day I took his bed apart and ducked tape it together so when he hopped in it collapsed on the floor.  The 3rd day during one of his afternoon naps I turned on the TV to static, blasted it and went in the next room and threw a basketball against it.  The final day, I along with some floor mates moved all his furniture into the bathroom.  Bed, desk, clothes, E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!!  WE set it up just like his room and left my stuff un-touched.  He came back into the room with me laying on my bed doing work and was just dumbfounded.  It took him like 10-15 minutes to find all his stuff.  Finally he came back to the room and apologised for his previous transgression.  I thanked him and told him not to piss me off again. 

That is the tamest and most PG story.  I have many others that I can share but I’ll save those for a different time. 

Lets hear yours.