Back to the Grind

I tell ya, I get what all the hype is about a four-day turkey day break.  Man was it nice.  No stress, no work headaches, no waking up at 2am.  Just friends, family, food and football. 

Woke p thursday morning and went out and hit the links.  What a perfect morning to wrap up the golf season.  While playing in December is not out of the ordinary for me, I don’t think I’ll have the time.  I’m quite content ending on a good note knowing my swing is in a good place.  Lets just hope I can find it again in March.  After an awesome meal, spent the rest of the night looking through old family picture albums.  Loved seeing all those old photos and the memories that they stirred up.  It was crazy seeing how much Avery and I looked at the same age.  Lets hope her looks improve with age though 🙂

Friday we were finally able to take my youngest brother out for his 21st.  Two months late, but it’s the thought that counts and any night at Eli Cannons is a good night.  We actually stayed out till 1am.  I know, we are crazy party animals.

How great a day was it Saturday?  First off, the NBA announced they were back!!!  Giddy up.  XMas can’t come fast enough as th Celts go for #18!!  The weather was perfect for the last UConn tailgate of the season and what do you know, there was actually a good football game to go with it.  Of course that was just the appetizer.  The main course being ” The Game”!

We started off with this:   and ended with this:

Seven long years of frustration was finally erased as Michigan upended a very game OSU team.  In the end though the better team won to get to 10-2 and a possible BCS game in January.  This is one very happy Maize and Blue fan and couldn’t be more excited for the future of the program. 

The relaxation came crashing to a halt when the alarm went off at 2am.  Back to work but it feels really good to get back at it.  Also, today is the first day of basketball practice.  We have a new coach and will be looking to create our own way after a great season last year.  It will be a great challenge but it’s something that I am fully embracing.


Welcome to Big Time Football UConn

This is what happens when you are succesful.  Others want your services.  What Edsall did is no different than what any other person would do.  He worked hard at his original job, succeeded and was rewarded with a bigger opportunity.  He didn’t abandon his players or his school.  He didn’t stab the state in the back.  He simply did what he thought was better for him, why is that so bad?  He spent 12 very good years here.  He was able to accomplish what many only dreamed of.  The UConn football family should thanks Edsall for his time here and wish him luck in College Park.

Now, Maryland the program isn’t necessarily a huge step up like Notre Dame would have been.  It is a more established program.  He took UConn as far as he could take it.  This Maryland job is another stepping stone for him.  If he can improve the program, win a few ACC titles then you’ll see Edsall at a big time school soon.  That’s what he is looking at.  The ACC is a better conference and gives him a better chance in his career.

Look at this as a great opportunity for UConn.  They can go on a national search for their next coach.  They don’t need to settle for some no-names with state ties like the Hartford Courant suggested this morning.  (How can the biggest paper in the state be so poor in their choices: Mark Whipple Ken O’Keefe and Norries Wilson.  Yeah, who the hell are these guys is right.)  I think the school needs to shoot for the stars (sorry for the lame cliché.)  If Rich Rodriguez gets let go by Michigan, he should be choice #1.  Former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach could be an option, albeit a risky one.  I think the most likely scenario is that the next coach currently resides in the MAC or Conference USA.  I really like the Tulsa coach Todd Graham.  He’s had a great three-year run and may be looking for a BCS conference job.  Another possible route is a big-time offensive or defensive coordinator from a major program like a Penn State. 

Really the possibilities are endless.  Like I said this should be a time to celebrate.  The program has a chance to build off a very good season and try to improve under a new coach in the years to come.  If the administration plays their cards right, we could be looking at the dawning of a great era of Connecticut football.  If they botch this though, the program will be set back many years.

Just do it right.

Letting the Dust Settle

Phew!  What a sports weekend.  Well at least if you are a fan of teams from the northeast. 

It started off great with the Red Sox acquisition of Adrian Gonzalez.  A player that Theo has been coveting for years is finally in the fold and I am thrilled and every other Red Sox fan should be as well.  Really he came at a cheap price: no major league talent and no impact on the 2011 team.  Of course I was distraught Sunday night when reports were leaking in that the deal was off because the two sides could not agree on a contract.  When I woke up I was relieved to see that the sides were still talking and were close to signing him to an extension.  I hope that it isn’t thrown too much out of whack because of the ridiculous Jayson Werth contract(seriously who the hell spells Jason with a Y anyway??).  7 years and $126 million for him?  I think it is safe to say this is the worst contract in all of sports.  The only folks crazy happy this AM are Carl Crawford and his agent.  I’m just thrilled that the Red Sox have some juice now heading into the winter meetings.

How about our UConn Huskies?  Don’t let anyone talk bad about this accomplishment.  They won the Big East fair and square.  They are playing within the rules laid out years ago.  Are there better teams that got snubbed out of a BCS game, sure.  That takes nothing away from what this team did.  To win five in a row, against that level of competition with the whole world outside of Storrs counting them out is remarkable.  Will they be huge underdogs against Oklahoma, yes.  I’m guessing 17-21 point dogs.  Do they have a chance to win, absolutely.  A co-worker said that if the two had to play this weekend, UConn would get destroyed.  Give Edsall and his staff a month to figure out a game plan and a win is plausible.  Win or lose this is huge for the Huskies program.  The whole state should be proud.

More importantly my Michigan Wolverines are back playing on New Years Day.  Is it the bowl we all want, no but the Rose Bowl isn’t to far away.  Just the fact they are playing in a decent bowl like the Gator is great.  They get national exposure for recruits and they get an extra month of practice.  That extra practice time is so crucial to teams who are trying to rebuild.  This gives the defense an extra month of reps which is exactly what they need.  This makes New Years day what it should be: a day of football and overeating sitting on my couch. 

 Yep, good weekend of sports.

Time Well Spent?

 The country is in an economic tailspin.  A massive drug war right over the border in Mexico that is a direct result of America.  Insane corporate bonuses going to incompetent executives.  A collapsing housing and banking market.

These are just some of the things happening right now that our government needs to focus on and correct.  Instead, they have found time to squeeze this in:  Senate committee to meet about anti-trust law violation against BCS.

I hate the BCS as much as the next guy.   Personally I think Michigan got hosed this year, but that’s a different story for another time.

Is the BCS unfair?  Sure it is.  College football needs a play-off system now more then ever.  Is the this the right time and place for Congress to get involved though?  That’s all we need right now is the heads of the NCAA in front of the committee wanting to only talk about the future and not the past or all of a sudden forgetting how to speak English and needing a translator.   Oops, sorry I got confused about my senate hearing jokes.

Something needs to be done, but I think Congress should be focusing on the country as a whole then worrying about what a couple of football teams are bitching about.