Maybe Love is Blind

With the news that Larry King is getting a divorce for a 7th time, something struck me as shocking.  Not that he was getting another divorce, it’s the fact that seven women found him attractive enough to actually go through with a marriage, let alone the wedding night.  I can see marrying for money, but doesn’t looks matter even a little?  honestly, how can any healthy normal woman find this attractive:?

While I’m on celebrity marriages, let’s get into this Tiger Woods thing.  Reports this morning are saying that Elin is going to leave Tiger, take the kids and about 1/2 a trillion dollars or so and head off back to Sweden.  The final straw was, wait for it……. his stupid Nike commercial.  REALLY???? That was the final straw??  That is what pushed her over the edge, so to speak?? 

I can hear her now (insert bad swedish accent here)  OK, Tiger I can live with the lies and deceit.  I can put up with the literally dozens of extramarital affairs.  The sex addiction thing?  Ok, fine you got help.  But to make a weird-ass commercial with your over-bearing dad’s voice scolding you as you stand there staring blankly at a camera, a girl can only take so much.  C’mon, you expect us to believe that? 

Gee, I wonder if Tigger signed a pre-nup???  Let’s see him get up-and-down from this.




After a few days off from writing, a fair amount of stuff has gone down, so let’s get to it.

First things first.  Am I the only one laughing at Tiger’s transgressions?  The more women that come out, the more I think of all the things he has thrown away for a Perkins waitress et al.  Really, Perkins???  What was the Waffle House hostess out of your league?  What the hell gets into these guys.  I always knew he was an ass on the course, but apparently he liked a lot of it off the course as well.  The only victims of this are his kids.  At least they’ll get his money and maybe a better father-figure.

While I’m on the subject of morons, how about the buffoons in Litchfield who want to take off the yellow ribbons off the trees.  For what, some made up excuse about a disease?  C’mon guys, get your noses out of the air and come to your senses.  You may be against the wars but lets continue to show support for the troops and their families.

I’m seeing a lot of commercials for American Idol.  That means one thing.  Normal thinking and reasoning Americans turn their eyes to a glorified karaoke show for months at a time then take just as long to discuss why one no-talent hack beat out another no -alent hack.  Every time I hear these I want to smash my head through my desk.  Of course, I wish that we had it on our air.  Nice call to turn that down NBC execs.

Only two months and ten days till pitchers and catchers.  All I will say about the MLB Winter Meetings is this:  bring Bay back to the Back Bay!!  Pay the man!  Pay the man!! PAY THE MAN!!!!  DON’T MESS AROUND JUST GET IT DONE!!!!!  Thanks.

Finally, big ups to the UConn football team.  What it took to overcome all those close losses as well as the loss of a teammate was just remarkable.  They did it with class and pride.  Coach Edsall should be commended for his ability to rally his players.  Connecticut has waited a long time for a major football program.  Well, here they are and they deserve our support.  I have season tickets and plan on keeping them for a while.  This program has the potential to be a major player in East Coast football and if you want in, do it know.  Don’t be left behind.

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger

Hope you all had a better weekend than Tiger Woods.  I’m sure by now you have heard about his accident.  What none of us have heard is the how and the why.

Now, I respect the fact he wants to keep the circumstances that led up to this private, that’s his right.  The thing that grinds my gears is how he is dodging the police.  Can you or I do that same thing???  It seems to me he is buying time to come up with the perfect alibi.

I don’t care where he was going.  I don’t care to know why his wife had a golf club in her hand at 2:30 am (night putting maybe???)  It will be interesting to find out how he caused so much damage to his car and himself w/o the airbags going off.  Was alcohol or drugs involved?  The initial police report said no, but everything else about this incident has been sketchy at best, why should we believe that little nugget?

I’m not interested in getting the dirt on his private life.  If he felt the need to cheat on his wife and two kids with a fancy barmaid from NYC, so be it.  That just adds to the fact that he is a major league a-hole.  I just want to know what will be made public knowledge anyway.

Regardless of what happens, the squeaky-clean Tiger Woods era is over.  Sooner or later the skeletons come crawling out. 

Maybe this will make the media think twice how they grovel at his feet.


Enjoy Yourself

Maybe it is just me, but does Tiger Woods seem happy when he plays golf?  Yeah, he gets excited over a great shot or a huge win, but is it a joyous celebration or one out of relief?  How can someone so great not enjoy his craft.  Hell, I went out and shot an 85 last Tuesday and was floating on air.  This past Sunday Woods hit an iron to a foot to clinch a tourney and not even a smile.  What gives with this dude.

Apparently his pairing was on the clock.  Here is the whole article about it from Yahoo sports.


OK, I get being pissed about being timed.  Especially when you are the last group and are in a heated match.  Don’t though use the excuse for bad shots on that ruling.  Yes, the PGA was just enforcing the rules, but what would happen if it wasn’t followed?  Just a one stroke penalty for both players. 

Tiger, man, c’mon.  Don’t let a couple pencil-pushers from the PGA ruin a good time on the course.  It actually looked like it pained you to win the freakin’ tourney. 

Hey Tiger, remember to go out and have fun.  We know it is your job and you take it seriously, just pretend like you enjoy it.  Don’t make it such a chore and remember to treat your fans with some respect, they made you who you are today.