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Things that piss me off

Posted in rants, religion with tags , , , , , , , on January 15, 2014 by hendu

When a small thing gets blown up into something bigger because someone in power feels the need to interject themselves.

I saw two things like that this morning.  The 1st involved UCONN’s new running back coach and the comments he made in the Hartford Courant.  Here is a link to the article.

Now, I’m not a religious person.  I do believe that Jesus Christ existed but I don’t believe he’s the son of god.  Again, I’d rather not get started on a religious tirade.  I see nothing wrong with what the football coach said.  That’s his beliefs and I don’t think he’s pushing any religion on anyone.  In his terms, I think he’s talking about a higher power that kids need to believe and trust in.  Lets not forget that he came from Notre Dame, a fairly big catholic school.  UCONN is a public school and the President doesn’t want any university employee to push religion on kids.  Well, I looked through their course catalog this morning and they have classes that teach about Hindu and Jewish faiths and cultures.  So, the school can offer classes in other religions and cultures, but your football coach can’t bring up his?  Seems strange to me.  One counterpoint to that was brought up this morning that a football or athletic field isn’t an educational  setting and he’s not a teacher.  I couldn’t disagree with that sentiment more.  I think one of the best places for any person to learn is on the sports field and from really good coaches.  There is so much that they can offer in real life teachings that you can’t get from a book.  UCONN hired these men to lead their football team and it’s football players.  I say let them do what you hired them to do and if one of the way he gets through to his players is the teachings of the bible, then so be it.  Kids are smart enough to filter out what they don’t need and to take the meaning of teachings as it applies to them.

Wanna hear something even more ridiculous?  A bunch of US Senators are bashing the Golden Globes for “glamorizing” the use of cigarettes.  Yep, this is exactly why we elected these guys, to bash a hollywood award show over a skit where grown-ups are smoking a fake cigarette.  boy, there must be nothing else for these guys to do.  That whole immigration thing is solved, the budget is balanced, gun control is figured out and the debt is erased.  I mean all the big stuff must be settled for them to focus on this.  C’mon guys, I am as anti-smoking as the next guy but lets use some common sense here.  These are adults on a movie award show having fun and making fun of the movie industry.  Lets not get all high ‘n’ mighty now Senators.  Learn to pick your battles a little better.  Is this really about the message it’s sending?  One, how many kids are up watching  and two do you think these kids are now running out today because Julia Louis Dreyfuss took a drag of a fake, water vapor cigarette.  I don’t think you give kids these days enough credit.  How bout you guys in Washington try to focus on the bigger issues like trying not to run our country into the ground, thanks.

OK, I’m done.


Judgement Day

Posted in end of the world, religion with tags , , , , , on May 19, 2011 by hendu

Does anyone else realize that Judgement Day is upon us?  This Saturday, May 21st at 6pm (oddly specific) is Judgement Day or the day the rapture starts and 5 months from then October 21st the world ends

Uh, why the hell wasn’t I told this earlier??  Here I am paying my bills on time like a chump.  Jesus, how about a heads up next time!!  Here I am wasting my money on pointless crap when I could have been blowing it Tony Montana style.  Crap, what a waste this has been!

Seriously, if this is the case why aren’t more people freaking out about this?  I mean it’s The Rapture people!!!!!  When the chosen get called up to heaven while the rest of us sit down on Earth and are forced to suffer for five months.  Why now over the summer though.  These are like the five best months.  Couldn’t “god” have done this between November and March?  Oh that’s right then he’d miss his kid’s birthday.  Very, very selfish god. 

SO my question is who is getting saved?  I know that at that time and day I will already be in Heaven.  Camped out at Fenway waiting for the Sox Cubs game so I guess I’m saved.  Nikki will be with me so she’s cool.  So who gets taken away?  what are the credentials of these people?  Is it like an exclusive party at a swanky club?  Who’s the bouncer?  Can we take him in a bum rush?  Should we dress fancy would that help because if that’s the case I gotta go to the dry cleaners.  Is there a cover charge?  Is it open bar?  What kind of apps are there going to be?  Now these are questions that need answers!

Since this is a Christian thing do other religions get a free pass?  Do all religions line up this day as the end?  What do the Buddhists, Islams, Jews, etc. think of this? 

This is a lot of questions to be answered in two days.  I’m hoping it can at least wait till the end of the Sox game, that’d be nice. 

Boy, these people have the type of crazy that there is no cure for!!

Out of Good Conscience

Posted in books, religion with tags , , , , , on February 8, 2011 by hendu

My daughter loves to read.  She has us read dozens of books a day.  Sometimes we end up reading the same book over and over again.  As much as we love the fact she is so into the written word, once in a while Mom and Dad need a change.  So whenever Avery brings over a new book to read, it is always an exciting moment.  Oh Boy, a book we haven’t read 217 times.  ( I haven’t decided yet if those last two sentences are sad or a good thing, maybe it falls somewhat in between. Ahhhh, parenthood) Anyway, this was the case last night.

Avery brought over this book for me to read:  .  What seemed to be an innocent touch and feel book had quite a surprise in store for me.  As i read the first page this line completely caught me off guard:

Let’s take a walk with Tilly Bee and see what we can see. Come into the world of the Land of Milk and Honey and give God thanks for all the things that He has made that are soft and fluffy as can be.

Yep, right there plain as day, GOD.  In a children’s book.  Without any indication that this was a religious book.  Needless to say I was pissed.  Every single page had a reference to god, he is great, praise him, etc.  First off if I believed in a singular god, what’s to say it is a he.  Don’t you think it would be some asexual being?   

It may seem like an insignificant thing but to someone who doesn’t fall into the trapfalls of religion and doesn’t believe in a or any god this is a big deal.  I can’t read her something that I don’t agree with.  She will make up her own mind but I swore I wouldn’t influence her in any way, pro or con.

It just pisses me off the gaul of the author to be so in-your-face with promoting their religious beliefs without ever indicating it anywhere on the book.  I have no issue with religious children books but lets come out front with it.  What if I was to write a kids book that promoted a godless universe and sold it as a regular kids book?  I would be lambasted. 

I have come up with a solution though.  I though about giving the book away or tossing it in the garbage.  No, that seems to extreme.  Instead anytime god is mentioned, I will replace it with Larry Bird.  Then its win-win for everyone.

Best Place on Earth

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That was Fenway Park yesterday afternoon and yes that is the view from the seats we were in (thank you NBC Connecticut).  It doesn’t matter the weather or the results I have never had a bad time at the Olde Ball Park. 

I have been there countless times and every time I walk up from the concourse and the field emerges before me, I get the same feeling.  I get chills and a smile immediately comes over my face.  Yesterday was even more special too.

It was Avery’s first of many Red Sox games.  Besides a few little meltdowns, she was very well-behaved.  I know it will mean nothing to her most likely, but to me it meant the world. 

It was great seeing her look around and clapping whenever anyone else clapped.  It didn’t matter if it was the Phillie fans or the Sox fans, but I swear she clapped harder for the Sox.  Little does she know that she has been christened in the religion I call baseball and she spent a nice Sunday at our church.  Hallelujah!!

On a side note, before the game we ate at Jerry Remy’s Bar and Grill.

A great spot on Boylston St. and a very good menu.  The best part was the many different variety of brews on tap.  Some norms, but also some ones I had never heard of, including Bear Republic and Harpoon 100 Barrel Series.  I had the Monster Dog with chili and cheese.  Huge dog, good chili, very fulfilling.  Eight hours later I was hungry again.  Nikki had the loaded cheese fries.  What made these so unique was that they used their mac-n-cheese sauce instead of shredded cheese.  Great idea and very tasty.  We sat outside because the bar was packed and even though we were close to the street, it wasn’t overly noisy.  We had a blast and the service was good, considering how busy it was.  I highly recommend it next time you are there.

Overall, a great day with the fam, regardless of the outcome.  Now I just gotta figure out when we can get back this year.

Jesus Juice

Posted in religion with tags , on October 15, 2009 by hendu

Well, it seems that the market for holy drinks has finally risen form the ashes.  There is a new drink ou called “Fruit of the Spirit.”

According to the website it is “A one-of-a-kind marvelous wellness anti-oxidant puree with ingredients from God’s creation designed specifically for the Christian market.”

Okay, first things first, ingredients from god’s creation.  Aren’t humans one of god’s creation.  So, is it like soylent green? 

Designed for the christian market?  I didn’t know there was a christian market.  What else do they sell there?  Jesus fish?  Communion wafers?  Pope bobbleheads?  As Brad said this morning, do you need to show your christian card to buy it?  Oh, I’m sorry sir, you’re an atheist, I just can’t sell this to you.

So what exactly is in it?  Again, the website claims that Fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control.  Wow, that is quite a drink.  I’m not sure where those all grow in nature.  Do they have to grow those in a greenhouse?  Do you only find these on holy grounds?

Who’s the spokesperson?  That is quite a job.  You are not only representing a drink, but an entire way of thinking.  Can’t be the pope or any other church officials.  Can’t be god himself.  Adam, Eve, Judas, Luke, John?  Any other apostle?  Jesus? Can it be a born again, or someone who was just born once?  Actually I have the perfect person:  Now put your hands on the computer screen and say Amen. 

Thats right, the Right Reverend Dr. Billy Sol Hargus, you know, God’s Other Son.  I mean who better to talk about the family business than a family member.  He already knows the media.  It’s perfect.


Jay: The role of religion

Posted in politics, religion with tags on September 9, 2008 by hendu

In a land that was founded on the freedom to practice any religion you desire free from the reins of oppression and persecution, why does it play such a big role in deciding our leaders?  When did the “separation of church and state” become so intertwined?  What ever happened to looking at a candidates plans and credentials then to what god he/she prays to(or not in some cases.)  As a very non-religious person(never baptised, only go to church for weddings, never read the bible….etc) I get turned off by a person who follows the path of god during a decision-making process.  Why does looking to a so-called “higher power” help anyone make a decision.  I would think that looking at all the facts and having very smart people with very informed opinions will always make better choices then someone saying “….. god came to me and told me to do it.”  I guess what brought this on was a couple things.  One:  Gov. Palin stating that our war in Iraq was is God’s doing.  Boy, sounds a lot like the Crusades to me(and those didn’t turn out to well).  Two: all the hubbub over Rev. Wrights comments a few months back.  I can’t believe that the talking heads of news thought that this one mans opinion would be enough to sway Obama’s thinking.  I think it is fair to assume that Barack is a smart man.  And smart (wo)men can make up their own mind by using a multitude of different sources.  The third issue is what has just surfaced about Gov. Palin’s church.  They are conducting a “Pray away the gay” sermon.  This, along with Palin’s staunch anti-gay stance prompts this question: How can someone so closed minded be elected to the 2nd highest office in the land.  And this doesn’t even bring up the abortion abortion issue which is a whole other blog.  Maybe I am too anti-religion to get it.  Maybe this is above my pay-grade.  Maybe this a topic for someone much smarter then I.  This is a topic that seems to be getting a lot of air play though and i wish the governing philosophies would of the candidates would be talked about more.