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A New Year, A New Start

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First off, I hope that all of you had an enjoyable holiday season.

OK, now that the formalities are out-of-the-way, let’s get down to it.  I have not written a post since mid-March.  It’s really too bad because maintaining a blog was something that I really enjoyed doing.  I enjoyed connecting with a variety of people and I loved that I was able to give readers a glimpse into my world.  I wish I could sit here and explain to you why I stopped.  I don’t think there was one  specific reason but more of a bunch of little things that tended to take up my time.  Maybe it was a little bit of laziness.  Maybe it was a little bit of disinterest.  Maybe a lack of passion.  Whatever it was I felt like it seeped into my life as well.

This past year wasn’t great.  It wasn’t horrible just one that I’d like to move on from.  We lost a grandfather, a grandmother  and a father this year from our extended family.  Losing loved ones is always difficult.  Losing three in a year can wear on people.  Those weren’t the only reason 2013 was less than ideal.  Professionally it wasn’t great.  Now, I still have a job so nothing is that bad, but it just felt like I didn’t get enough satisfaction out of my job that I have in the past.  I still love what I do but for some reason this year just didn’t seem enjoyable.  Maybe it was burnout.  I had a tough time trying to get that work/life balance thing going.  There were times that while I was at work all I could think about was stuff at home and vice versa.  That’s not fair to my family at work or my family at home.  unfortunately it became just a job, and that’s the last thing I wanted to happen.

For some reason, I felt less passionate about things in my life.  I know for a fact that my passion for baseball became misplaced and I do know why.  After three years of coaching three sports at the high school level, this past spring I was done.  Basketball took so much from me.  We had a lousy season.  The varsity won 5 games and my jv team won 0.  0 games.  That tends to make a long season even longer.  I felt like I lost the passion to coach.  That most definitely carried over into the spring and the baseball season.  I’ll be honest with you, I felt I sleep-walked through the season.  Felt like I just went through the motions and I hated it.  Not only do the kids deserve better but I also demand myself to be better.  That’s why one big change has me not coaching basketball this season and I really can’t wait for the baseball season to start.  (BTW, six weeks till pitchers and catchers report for the BoSox and ten weeks till we start our season).  I felt like that lack of passion seeped into other parts of my life.  I felt less excited about football season this year.  It didn’t help that Michigan, UCONN and the NY Giants all had less than stellar seasons.  To me, the games became more like work than enjoyment.  They tended to feel more like “have-to” events then “want-to” events.  That never was the case before.

I think that can all go back to my original point: a lack of passion for the things I love.

It wasn’t all bad though.  I was able to earn and coach my 1st year as a varsity high school coach.  A longtime goal of mine.  Now, it wasn’t in the sport I thought it would be (baseball) but in the unlikely sport of girls soccer.  My passion for coaching came back during this time.  I felt like I fell in love with it all over again and it came from girls soccer!  While not the season I had promised to the girls or had wanted for myself, it was so very rewarding.  We finished with the best record in 10 years.  We had a girl set the single game scoring record.  We had our goalie make 2nd team all conference and I felt that we built a foundation of success that I hope continues into the future.  Even writing this now, I am getting excited about the possibilities come this fall.  The other event that helped me rediscover that passion, the Red Sox run to an improbable World Series win.  I rediscovered my love for the game and for that team.  That Sox team was so much fun to watch play the game.  They played it like kids and not like spoiled millionaires.  You had guys on that team that ate up baseball everyday.  Guys would go to games on their off day.  It just showed to me what you can get out of something if you put 100% of yourself into it.

I know going forward I need to stop worrying about so many little things.  I feel I let the minutia of everyday life put a damper on all the things about life.  I didn’t like that about me.  I didn’t like the way I was around my family.  I felt like I let that attitude get in the way of friendships.  Overall, I just felt that 2013 wasn’t the best year of myself.  I am willing to try to fix these things this year.  Try to rediscover my passion for my job, my family and other outside ventures.  try to let little things slide and enjoy my time off more.  Try to reconnect with longtime friends before they become one-time friends.  Call these what you will.  I’m not saying they are resolutions but just things in my life that I’m not happy with.  I think I need to get back to being what makes me, me.

That includes more blogging so better get used to it :)!!



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Can’t tell you how great it is to have my life back on track.  

Wait maybe I should otherwise this could be a really short post.

 We got our power back on somewhere around 4am Friday morning.  After a week of showering at work, k-cup coffee, afternoons and dinner at my parents then back to a dark house for a little sleep day after day became old quickly.  Not that afternoons and dinner at my parents house was a bad thing.  Trust me it was so awesome of them to house Nikki and Avery for a week.  At least they had running water and some power thanks to “The Beast” (their generator).  Now while I enjoyed using my yard as my temporary urinal for a week( one of the joys of being a guy) that first sip of home-brewed java Friday morn was decadent!  It truly is the little things.

I was just as happy to discover our stockpile of meat in our chestfreezer survived the outage. Man oh man can those things hold their cold.  The upstairs fridge, that’s another story.  It made for a good reason to clean the shelves though.  Our fridge hasn’t been this clean since January.  The best part though was just having Nikki, Avery and the dog back under ou roof.  Even though I saw them everyday and they were just across town, it just wasn’t the same.  Having my family back completely upstaged the lights coming back on.

Now, some of yo may read this and think I sound a bit spoiled and privileged because the worst that happened was I only lost power.  Trust me, I know about all the issues on the shoreline.  It is awful but it was the inherent risk these people took when they built or bought houses that close to the water.  Same goes for the people who had their houses flood.  They know the risk and while I empathize with their problem I do not feel sorry for them.  If you live that close to water, eventually you will flood.  It’s nature, deal with it or move. 

UConn is 1-0 and more importantly, the Brady Hoke era is off and running, Michigan stands at 1-0!  Bring on the Golden Domers!

Extra Time

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God damn I love falling back an hour.  Felt like I had, like, a whole extra hour in the day. 

Got up at 6:30 because 16-month-olds don’t get the meaning of daylight standard time.  Took the dog out, read the paper, checked some things online and made breakfast all before 8:30. 

Mowed/raked the lawn, powerwashed part of our house, stairs and porch and still got inside to watch some of the 1pm games.

Made salsa, broccoli cauliflower cheddar soup and butternut squash soup.  All finished in time for the 4pm games.

All I’m saying that if every Sunday had an extra hour, there is so much stuff I could get done.

I think this needs to be a priority for the new session of Congress.  Screw healthcare and the economy, this is much more pressing.

The Least I Can Do

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I have a few different topics I could have chosen today.  There is the 25th anniversary of  “Back to the Future” and how great of a movie series it was but if Eric Stoltz was Marty McFly it would have been a huge flop:

Then there is the absolutely idiotic idea of banning WWE shirts and other paraphernalia from polling places across the state.  How can the Secretary of the Sate actually think that some local yahoo wearing an Undertaker shirt will influence an educated voter?  If you ask me the Dem’s are scared shitless and Bysiewicz is very bitter about her failed candidacy,

How about this finish to a PGA tournament?       Now that’s a way to wrap up a long day at the office.  No one outside of Joe Carter and Bill Mazeroski have had a better ending.

Today though, I am in a sharing type of mood.  Yesterday I informed you of a friends quest for the McRib Sandwich.  Today I am paying it forward a bit.  Or am I paying her back.  I’m not quite sure but I can see myself paying her in the future and I hope you all do too.  Outside of my wife and my mother, Manda is my favorite baker.  The days she brings in random baked goods always brightens up my day.  From her crack balls to her banana bread to pumpkin muffins, I love all her yummy delights. 

Finally she has set out a grassroots business that she is starting from scratch.  Honey Mommy Yummies is the name of her new business.  She has started a fan page on Facebook.  I implore all my readers to give her a call if you need any baked goods made for any occasion.  I promise that you will love ’em. 

This is what I do, I’m a giver!

My Friday morning

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Hiking with Avery and Macbeth.  How was your morning because mine was awesome.  Have a great weekend.

33 for 33

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33 things that I have learned during my 33 years on Earth.  Some are deep, some are dumb but all are relevant.

#33: Eat, Drink and be Merry for tomorrow we die.  (Thanks Dave…)

#32: It’s better to regret something you did than something you didn’t do.  (Thanks Flea)

#31: Kids say shoot, adults say shit!

#30: Overall, people suck.  Not you guys though, y’all a’ight.

#29: No matter how hard you work, someone will always have something negative to say.  Ignore ’em and be satisfied with what you’ve done.

#28: Hard work always seems to pay off.  Just give it time.

#27: 2am always comes waaaaaaaay to early.

#26: Breakfast Pizza is truly the breakfast of champions!

#25: Beer is a way of life, my way of life and I tend to keep it that way!  (Right Homer….)

#24: Baseball is the greatest game on Earth.

#23: Golf is both satisfying and frustrating.  Can someone explain why that is?

#22: If someone asks yo if you are a god, you say YES!!!!!

#21: 8am classes blow but 3 gym classes in a row during a semester is kick-ass!

#20: Throwing a full tub of butter against a wall is never a good way to try to win an argument.

#19: As much as it sucks, parents are usually right. 

#18: Never look down a tube filled with propane when you are trying to light it.  You won’t like the results.

#17: Six guys in a college apartment rarely leads to anything positive for society, but makes beer store owners very happy.

#16: No matter what your brain says, your body will always remind you that you aren’t in college anymore.

#15: Never hunt down whiffleballs in the top of an abandoned building.  You tend to get stung. A LOT!!!

#14: When a women asks you why you didn’t put +1 on her wedding invite, don’t answer by saying “Why, you’ll never find anyone.”

#13: Always shut off your cell phone around strippers.  Trust me.

#12: If your friends leave you at a Pizza Place, Dobermann’s will chase you.  It’s only inevitable.

#11: Cans of baked beans thrown in a fire explode and can be a tad life-threatning.

#10: Drinking an entire box of wine is never a good way to spend a night.  Makes the next morning even worse.

#9: Emu’s run really, really fast.

#8: Cars and garage doors don’t mix well.

#7:  To put on a plow, all you need is a fence and a garbage can to kick.  It really is that easy.

#6: Everything always works once you find the right combinations of swear words.

#5: 2nd impressions can be just as important than 1st ones.

#4: Find a women(or man) who makes you happy and hold onto them as long as humanly possible.

#3: Kids change everything for the better.

#2: Keep family and friends close.

#1: Cherish times with the ones you love, things could change in a heartbeat.  Never, ever take it for granted.

Ongoing Lesson

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This is the start of week two of my new, uh, experience. 

I am the new JV girls soccer coach at my alma mater, Hale-Ray.  Two answers for your obvious questions: yes, I know very little about soccer and yes, this is my first time coaching girls of any age.

So far so good though.  I did have some concerns when I agreed to take the job.  The first being, how would I relate to teenage girls.  I had a hard enough time while I was a high schooler.  I figured as a 33-yr-old it’d be even tougher.  I can deal with boys.  They are real simple creatures.  What I found is that the two are more alike than I realized.  They both have the same love and dedication to their respective sports.  I know that may sound a bit chauvinistic.  I always knew that the girls at our HS worked hard, during games, but I never had seen them practice before.  What I’ve discovered is that they want to work just as hard.  They want challenges.  They want to be pushed.  They want to get better.  I’ve found out that, for the most part, there isn’t much difference in coaching styles.   They want to be treated as athletes.

My second question was how they would react to me.  They knew of me.  They knew I was a baseball coach and they knew I had never coached or played soccer.  The reason I was offered the job was because I am a coach.  My AD figured that what little I know about soccer I can make up for with my coaching ability.  I’ll give the girls credit.  They embraced me with no biases.  They listen to what I say and they work hard when I ask.  That’s tough to do.  I know if I was in school and a coach came in to my team with little to no experience in that sport, it would be tough for me to take them seriously.  Maybe my reputation proceeded me or maybe they are just better people than I was.  I’m leaning to the latter.

This coaching gig will be a great learning experience.  Not only will I be coaching a new sport and a new gender, maybe I’ll learn something about me.  It will help teach me patience and understanding.  I hope that this makes me a better overall coach in the long run. 

Our first game is tomorrow and this is a chance for these girls to start anew.  Last year they had no wins and only five goals.  That’s one of the reasons for the coaching overhaul.  They needed people who would be coaches.  They needed someone who could just give them confidence.  They had nothing after last year.  I’ve seen in just a week how much the girls have grown.  I already know it has the potential to be a long season.  The things that will make it all rewarding are up to the girls.  As long as they work hard, have fun and trust what we are telling them, success will come.  Hell, four or five wins would be enormous.  The nice thing is these girls are hungry.  They want to win in the worst way.  They want to look back on this season with good memories.

To be honest with you so do I and I am so happy I took this job.  Plus it’s a bit foreshadowing of my life in 13-14 years.  🙂