Least Favorite Day of the Year

I always dread this day and it never gets any easier.  I’m not sure if it’s because I know the coaching is done or the seniors are done but either way, this day sucks.

Yesterday, we lost to the #1 team in our class 3-0.  It proved many things.  One:  we can compete with anyone in our class.  Two: not much separates us from the best-of-the-best and three: these were a great group of seniors.

We battled up until the last out yesterday and just got beat on a good pitch.  I am in no way disappointed with my guys.  We were only really bad in one game this year.  All the rest of them seemed to hinge on one or two plays.  We lost a bunch of one run games.  The big hit just seemed to always elude us.  But hey, that’s baseball.

I feel comfortable in the fact that we gave these kids all the opportunities that our school can offer.  We gave them all tools necessary to win  and I think we did a great job preparing them for whatever awaits them.

Doubt always creeps into your head wondering if you’ve done all you can as a coach.  You always wonder if you prepared them well enough.  I feel that we did after watching what Northwest Catholic does with their players.  The #1 team ran many of the same drills, talked to them the same way and worked them just like us.  It just goes to show, that even at little ol’ Hale-Ray, our kids are preparing the same way as one of the premier high schools in the state.  But hey, we just give them the chance to learn the skills, the kids gotta execute and for the most part we did.

We out hit them 6-3 and I believe that 90 out of 100 times, we beat them with how we played.  Yesterday just wasn’t in the cards for us.

These past two years have been particularly tough.  Both senior classes were filled with great kids and great players and gave me as a coach so many good memories.  They should be proud knowing that the program is left in great hands.  Their successes will always be a standard for us and I hope we can be better because of their failings.  Whatever way it happens, these kids will have impacted our program for a long time coming and honestly, what more could you ask of them.

Once again, thanks guys!  I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as I did!  Good Luck and Go Noises!



One Response to “Least Favorite Day of the Year”

  1. Great Job Noises. We have a wonderful bunch of kids in our town, and that is something to really celebrate.
    But I’m sure the other reason this day stinks is because, now you actually have to spend time with your family, how awful! 😛
    Regardless, we are happy to have you back for a little while!

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