A Sad Revelation

We’ve all had those moments in our life when we realize things are just different then they used to be.  Yesterday may have been one of those days.  Here’s the timeline.

2:30- headed up to the field for practice.  I probably should have stopped there.

2:45-decided to run bases in a drill we call “situations.”  I was the only runner.  I’m 35 and not in shape.  Why do I do this too myself?

3:00-Team was split up into two teams, one with six and one with five.  OK, fine I’ll make the teams even, hell, I haven’t played baseball in a while.   I can keep pace with 17-year-olds who have been doing it non stop for almost two months.  At least that’s what I told myself.

3:01- 1st kid takes his cuts.  OK I know I can do just as good as that.

3:05- My first swing: pop-up.  Ok maybe not

3:06-line drive to left field.  Yeah baby!!!

3:10-damn, another pop-out.

3:11- Woo Hoo!  Line drive right field.  We were giving points for these swings.  I’ll take my five and be happy.  Hell, only our starting catcher got higher than me.

3:13-Ooops, misjudged that pop-up.  Oh well, it’s my 1st time reading one in a while.

3:14-Ha, got that one.

3:17-booted that groundball.  Crap, that was ugly.

3:20-Time to hit again.  Feeling good.

3:22- Not feeling so good anymore.  Weak groundball to short on the drop drill.  (coach stands in the opposite batters box and drops a ball into strike zone.  A hitter then must hit it.  Ideally)  Still a better showing then some other kids.  Still feel OK.

3:25- Crazy swing and miss.  Confidence waning.

3:26 through 3:30- Setting up for next drill.  A solid four minutes of nothing bad.  This won’t last.

3:40- My turn for cuts.

3:41-Damn, missed a bunt.  That’s bad.

3:42- Got a hit-n-run down, except it was to third base.  Still effective but not perfect.  Pissed at my self.

3:42- Swing n miss.  Shit, shoulda been more selective.

3:43- Need to drive a guy in from third with less than two outs, hit a weak flyball to center.  Fail!

3:44- Line drive up the middle.  Not great but a base hit.

3:45-Pop-up to 2nd.  This is getting ugly.

3:46-Solid line drive to left.  Hit it off the handle, still made good contact.  Wish I pured that one.  Suddenly realizing I am 35.

3:50- Catch a pop-up.  Knowing that these were always my weakness, I feel pretty good.  Then I remember this is a routine play.  Yeah me, making the average feeling exceptional.

3:52- Then it hits me, figuratively.  I completely mis-read a line drive hit to me in center.  It glances off my glove and hits the inside of my thigh.  Barely missing the, um, equipment.  Kinda pissed.  Kids thought it was funny.  It kinda was in a sad way.  Not showing my anger and frustration.  Playing it off, thankful it wasn’t two inches higher.

3:55-Shocking miss another groundball.  To my credit, it was hard hit, I was moving to my right and I did have to backhand it.  Then again, I never got my glove down.  F-me.

3:57- dive for a groundball and miss it.  A few years back, I probably make that play because I would have read it off the bat better.  Then again I am 35.  Really starting to hate this.

4:00-Mercifully it’s over.  What started out with so much promise ended with a cold slap of reality. When did the game pass me by?

4:01- I really like golf a lot more now.



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