Goal #1: DONE!

Every year we head into the season with four goals in mind: make the state tournament, make the conference tournament, win the conference tourney and finally win states.  Yesterday, we accomplished the first one: we made the states by collecting our 8th win.

We’ve made it now 5 out of the past six years and the one year we missed it by a game.  While I know it doesn’t sound that impressive, for a small school with a poor feeder system we have gotten the most out of our talent.  We have the benefit of having kids who really love the game and want to end the year on a great note.  This has been a rough year for boys sports at Hale-Ray.  The soccer team was riddled with injuries and didn’t qualify for the states.  Our basketball team missed the states by just one game (a game that we led with less than three minutes to play).  This baseball team made it their mission to make up for those two disappointments.

We have taken the first step to doing just that but we got a long way to go to reach all our goals and I truly believe that we can!

BTW, if you got nothing going on and you are in the area, we play Old Lyme on Wednesday (weather permitting) and then a huge game on Friday at Westbrook with first place in our division on the line.

Hale-Ray Beats Portland


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