RHCP Countdown Week #1

Just one more day till the Peppers concert and that leaves us with my all time favorite  Peppers song.

Soul To Squeeze from of all places, the Coneheads Movie:

There’s not much more to say about this song then it is, in my opinion (which is the only one that really matters since it’s my countdown!) the absolute perfect Peppers song.  The music bed is A+, the vocals are out of this world, Flea and John have thier musical brotherhood in perfect sync and as usual Chad brings the whole thing together on the drums.

This song was released during the time in the early 90’s when the band saw its greatest success’.  It was during this time that I discovered music and how it can both get you through the darkest of days and make the good days even better.  The Peppers were a huge part of my early teenage years when I needed a release.  At a time when sometimes I just needed to get away, they were always there.  During a time when I needed to grow up fast and discover who I was as a person, music played a huge role in that and no one was more important during this time then the boys from LA.

While I love Pearl Jam, DMB, Bruce and E Street, Zeppelin and many others, the Chili Peppers will always be there as my band.  It seems like each song stirs up some sort of memory, either good or bad, and I love that about this band.

Music is such an essential part of who we are and I hope that each of you who read this comes away with my appreciation for this band.  I also hope it stirs up some memories for each of you about a band or musician that influenced your life.

The Red hot Chili Peppers will always be a part of my soul and this is why I love the band as much as I do.

Can’t Wait till tomorrow.


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