Goin’ on a Walkabout

One Hot Minute

One Hot Minute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

#2 on my list of Peppers songs is Walkabout off of One Hot Minute:

I really can’t explain why I love this song so much I just do.  I’m sure everyone has a few of those songs that you really can’t explain why or how you like it but it just hits you in a way that it just sticks in your soul.  That’s kinda like my feelings toward this song.  It may be the lyrics, or the funky bass track or all of the above.  I’ve never heard it live nor have I met a lot of people who like or know the song.  I think that may also help in the fact of why I like it so much, I feel as if it’s my own.

Only tow more days!!!!  Giddy Up!!!!!!!


4 Responses to “Goin’ on a Walkabout”

  1. First off, I am extremely jealous and this whole week has been a big hate/love fest of these posts. I have been on a Chili Peppers kick all week.

    Second, very happy to see a song from the lost Chili Peppers album on here. the most underrated album they have. every song flows so well into the next one, and yes, walkabout is one of the best. But my favorite is the song that leads into Walkabout, One Big Mob.

    And Number 1 is…………………………………………..Spoiler alert.

    Soul to Squeeze.

  2. well I do have to say that you surprised me with walkabout. the others, not at all though.

  3. and show me your soul is so good.

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