Why Can’t There Be Shows Like This


Found this little clip today (ok……It wasn’t actually me who found it.  I saw it on Andy Pergam’s twitter feed @pergam but at least it’s the thought that counts.)

Watching that simple yet wildly creative pitch makes me wonder why quality TV shows like this aren’t made anymore.  Not only did the Muppets relate to all age groups across all spectrums of society, but it also holds up over time.  Honestly, how many TV shows can you sit down and watch that entertains you and your child.  Avery loves the Muppets and we’ll both sit there laughing together.

I guess it’s just a glimpse back when times were simpler.  Now, all I can hope for is that the new Muppet’s movie lives up to the original.  I’ll let you know when Avery and I actually sit down to watch it.


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