2012 Baseball Opening Day




Lets not kid ourselves here, today is the actual Opening Day of the baseball season.  I don’t care what happened in Japan last week and last nights game was just a way for ESPN to show a meaningful baseball game.  As long as we can all agree on this point, I’ll move on.


This day helps makes out what may be my favorite week of the year.  We get the NCAA championship, opening day in the bigs, opening day for high school baseball as well as Masters weekend.  You can’t get much better than that.


Now, on to the important stuff.  It is time for my annual baseball prognostications.  Some years I’m good, others I’m way off but no matter what I still have fun doing it.  Here are previous years picks: 2011 2010 and 2009 .  Like I said some good and OK, mostly bad.  Still though, I push on.  Here are my fearless picks for the 2012 season:




East Champ: NY Yankees; Central Champ: Detroit Tigers; West Champ: Texas Rangers; Wild Cards: Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays.  I think the Rays can be either really good or incredibly disappointing while the Red Sox will “surprise” a lot of folks.  I don’t trust the Angels as much as others do.


MVP: Jose Bautista; Cy Young: Jon Lester; Rookie of the Year: Yu Darvish (Rangers RHP); Manager of the Year: Ned Yost of the KC Royals(btw my sleeper 88-90 win team)


Winner: Detroit Tigers over Tampa Bay Rays.




East: Philadelphia Phillies; Central: St. Louis Cardinals; West: Arizona Diamondbacks; Wild Cards: San Fran Giants and Washington Nationals(hell, why not?!?!)


MVP: Justin Upton; Cy Young: Matt Cain; Rookie of the Year: Drew Pomeranz (Rockies LHP); Manager of the Year: Mike Matheny of the Cards.


Champion: DiamondBacks over the Giants




There you go.  I feel pretty confident about these.  Come back in October to see how I did.  Until then, enjoy the greatest game in the world.


Boston Red Sox Cap Logo

Boston Red Sox Cap Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!





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