Things That Make You Smile

Leave it to the innocence of a young child to turn a sad day into something that you can always look back on with a smile.

On Sunday, we (my family and I ) attended a memorial service for a long-time friend.  It was an awesome gathering of all his friends at his home away from home, The Groton Airport.  It was held in his hanger with his two planes flanking the attendees.  It was a perfect setting to honor a wonderful man and a fantastic pilot.

In a lot of ways, it brought back memories from that long week in September of 1992.  Many of the same people were in attendance and many of the same things were said.  The memories while sad in nature, where able to bring a smile to my face.

At the end of the ceremony, someone opened up one of the other luxury charter jets that were in the hanger.  My brother took Avery into it to look around and probably have a real great moment with his niece.  Those of you who know us understand why this would be so special.  I gave them a few minutes then joined them.  I was able to snap these two pictures as I asked Avery what she was doing. (notice she’s in the captain’s seat..)

She told me that she was flying.  I said where are we flying too?  She said “home Dada!” and proceeded to grab the controls and move them around.

I know at that moment we were not alone in that cockpit and that’s what brought a smile to my face.  I knew I was sharing that moment with the right person.


4 Responses to “Things That Make You Smile”

  1. Perhaps your best blog entry. I’m getting a little verklempt over here.

  2. With you and your brother – and now Avery – at all times, ready to come to the forefront at the right moment.

  3. Sandra Marsh Says:

    What a beautiful moment with my granddaughter Jay. I love you guys so much.

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