The Cure For What Ails Ya

No matter how bummed I feel, there is always one thing that can rip me out of my mid-February doldrums: The start of

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Spring Training!

Today is the first official workout for the Boston Red Sox.  A day in which all fans and I hope all players were looking forward to as we sweep the bad memories of 2011 under the rug and look forward to a season that is full of hope and enthusiasm.  Well unless you are a Mets fan that is.

This day is almost like Christmas morning to me.  I woke up today automatically feeling better about myself and the world around me.  Work was better, the drive in was better, hell the latest Celtics loss doesn’t even piss me off.  That’s because you can almost hear the pop of the ball, the crack of the bat and the hint of pine tar and leather in the air.

Nothing like the late winter sun to help wash away the bad taste of beer and fried chicken that has lingered over this franchise since October.  Lester gets a new start, Beckett gets to prove it all was a fluke, Crawford has a chance to relax and just play ball, Youk is healthy and all the rest of the crew is on the field under the watchful eye of Bobby Valentine.

I’m excited at the possibilities of this season.  Once in a while some change is needed and that’s exactly what this off-season was.  The Sox got younger and more athletic.  Gone are old stalwarts Wakefield, Paps, Tek and JD.  In are new starter Bard, new closer Bailey and a few more fresh faces looking to make their own impact on the storied history of this franchise.

I, for one, can’t wait for this season.  I think the new blood will be a good thing.  Not that I had anything against Tito and the others, but I think it will be addition by subtraction.  Sometimes complete humiliation and utter failure can be great motivators.  Of course, they can also be a dark cloud that just hangs over a team.

I’m going down the positive road, I have full faith that this team will rise above and surprise the masses.  Lets not forget, the Sox have some pretty good players to lean on.

God damn I love this game!!!!!!!!!


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