Do or Die

One and done, win and you’re in, lose and you go home, biggest game of your life.  Any cliché you can think of applies to our game tonight.

The CIAC requires a team to win 40% of their games to qualify for the state tournament.  That means a team has to win 8 games in a 20 game season.

Right now we, Hale-Ray,  sit at 7-12.  I think you can figure out the rest. 

This will be the second such game this week.  Our girls team faced the same scenario on Monday night and walked away with a convincing 29 point win over a 14-5 Putnam team.  We are counting on the same result today when we play a 11-7 Old Saybrook team.  Of course I’d take a win by any margin.

This is all you can hope for at the start of any season.  To make sure your last game is your most important.  No one, except for us, expected us to be in this spot.  Our new head coach came in with this goal and never wavered.  Even when we were 2-9, he made the kids believe that this was possible.

Now these kids sit on the precipice of something magical and thought improbable by others.  We are 32 minutes away from our ultimate goal.

7pm can’t come soon enough.  No matter what the results, I’ll be proud, but I’ll be a helluva lot prouder when we win!!!

Let’s Go Noises!!!!!!


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