The Day After the Day After

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Frankly, I was just too exhausted to come up with any cognitive thoughts about the Super Bowl yesterday morning.  Overall, Sunday was a fantastic day.  My baseball team raised well over 2 G’s with our pancake breakfast.  We kicked the day off right with a really well put together live show to start our Super bowl coverage.  Of course the icing on the cake was yet another Eli Manning-led Super Bowl win.

I never could have imagined Eli leading the Giants to one, let alone two world titles.  I was so against the draft pick and during his first few years, my criticism was dead on.  Something happened though.  I’m not quite sure what it was.  Eli morphed into this clutch QB.  He went from being this aw shucks, woe is me southern “hick” guy to a tough sonofabitch that laughed in the face of criticism.  Frankly, he became a New Yorker.  Now, I have complete faith in Eli.  To me he has surpassed Simms as the greatest Giants QB (which says a lot because I loved Simms) and has moved to the #2 all-time Giant behind LT.

That win Sunday wasn’t as special as the 2008 win but it has been just as gratifying.  I can’t tell yo how many times I wrote them off this year.  Hell, I think I had them for only seven wins this season.  This team just doesn’t give in and a lot of the credit goes to the ever-confident Eli and the resilient coaching of Coughlin.  These two just willed this team through the hard times and every one of them followed those two blindly and faithfully.

The one thing that made this truly special for me was celebrating a championship for the 1st time with my brother.  Each of the past four championship moments (2004. 2007 Sox, 2008 G-Men and 2008 Celts) we’ve watched from different venues.  This time we were able to enjoy a victory together and that was a lot of fun.

So, here we are, officially in the off-season for football.  No meaningful games till late August.  What will fill this void/ can the Celtics find a little more in the gas tank and pull off a great run deep into the play-offs?  Can the NY Rangers continue their sparkling play as we rehash 1995 memories?  Can the Sox wash away the ugly stains of last years epic collapse when they open up camp in two weeks?  Who knows?

What I do know is that the New York Giants are your Super Bowl champions.  I’ll type that again just because it looks sooo good: the New York Giants are your Super Bowl champions.  Damn just looking at that puts a smile on my face.  I plan on enjoying this victory for a while.  Mostly for my own enjoyment and a little for the Eagles fan I am married to.

I’ll tell all my Patriots fans the same thing I told her:  The Patriots are like the 2nd best football team in the world and that’s pretty good.  I mean of all the teams that play the game all around the world, the Patriots are better than all of them.  Well not all of them because:


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