I’ve Just Been Had…..

…..by my 2 and 1/2-year-old. 

I knew it would happen at some point I just had no idea it would be this soon.  She is a very inquisitive girl who seems to remember everything and she proved it last night.  Unfortunately I had to be on the other end of it.

Nikki made brownies yesterday for what Avery was calling our “football party.”  Which actually consisted of the three of us, my parents and my brother.  I guess though when you are that young, anything when people come over can be considered a party.  Avery was very much looking forward to having a brownie after she ate her dinner.  So, seven rolled around and she very politely asked for her treat.  She was SO excited about having it, she ate exactly half her brownie and proceeded to leave the rest on the coffee table. 

While I was cleaning up about an hour later, the brownie was still in the same spot with the same amount of tiny teeth marks in it.  Being 8pm and almost bed time, I just threw it out, not really considering the repercussions.  Of course, two minutes later, here comes Avery looking for her brownie.  Quickly after that came the tears, and you can never count on the tears.  (thank you to those who got that!)  We quickly scrambled and told her it’s gone, and thankfully everyone was leaving so it distracted her for a bit. 

Soon there after, we were sitting down watching some good wholesome family programming, (Simpsons) when Avery again asked, with tears welling up (hey the girl likes her chocolate), where her brownie was.  Yet again, I scrambled and told her that Macbeth our dog must have eaten it.  Here’s where it gets interesting:

She turned around and looked at me with a very puzzled look.  She thought for another few seconds and then this gem came out. 

“No Dada, Macbeth didn’t eat my brownie.  Dogs don’t like chocolate it makes them feel yucky.  SO who ate my brownie? 

Needless to say, I was caught wrapped in my own lie.  Of course it didn’t help that Nikki was on the other side of the room laughing asking “Yeah, Dada, what did happen to her brownie?”  My wife, she always has my back.

Well, I finally broke down and told her I threw it out because I thought she was done.  She said, ” no I wasn’t done,” and started to pout.  I apologized and told her she could have one today which seemed to mask her disappointment in me for the time being. 

Looking back on it, I guess there is some lessons to be learned from all this.  One: don’t fuck with a girls chocolate.  Two: just tell your kids the truth (well at least on the little stuff) because eventually they’ll figure it out.  Three: yep, I’m screwed!


3 Responses to “I’ve Just Been Had…..”

  1. Well the look on your face was priceless when she said dogs dont eat brownies. And I dont think u told her you tossed it out, I think we said uncie Cam ate it.

  2. WHOAAAAAAA?!?! Throwin me under the bus when I am not there to defend myself???? Thats a very dirty game you are playing there….

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