Humpday Convo: A Few Of My Favorite things

Well, since I have received thousands upon thousands of emails asking me where the Humpday Convo went I figured I better get a topic up quickly before an Egypt-type revolt starts.  I promise it was not a slight to my very loyal readers, just a lack of time, ideas and want-to on my part.  Please don’t let these actions in any way change the way I feel about all of you.  I cherish my readers and I hope we can all move past this dark time in our relationship.

There are a few things in this life of mine that I have a great passion for: sports, beer, music, food and history.  Today just happened to bring a few of those together. 

I woke up this morning already knowing it was to be a pretty solid day.  You see, my favorite athlete of all time turns 55 today: Larry Joe Bird!  I will go down fighting arguing that he may be the greatest player I’ve ever seen.  I know, MJ and Magic were great, but I don’t think they hold a candle to Larry Joe.  If any of you even think of bringing up Lebron, then get off my blog right now!!!!!!!

When I got into work, I was informed that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were finally inducted into the Rock and roll Hall of Fame!  I great honor for one of the most succesful rock bands of my generation.  While other bands come and go, the Peppers are always there for me.  From their first album to their latest, the Peppers have transformed themselves with the times.  While not all were huge sellers, each album represents who they are at that point in time.  They’ve gone from the shitty little clubs of LA to selling out huge stadiums worldwide.  This is an honor well deserved!

Thirdly, with today being Pearl Harbor Day, it strikes up thoughts of one of my favorite eras of time: WWII.  It obviously was the most defining moment of the past century and arguably the most important day in the history of the country.  This moment set of a dominance by America that lasted for decades. 

So, I got Larry Bird, Chili Peppers, WWII, what else….. oh yeah food and drink.  Well, it just so happens that Stew Leonards has a sale this week on porterhouse steaks, my absolute favorite food.  Lets see now, beer.  Hmmmmm, I’m wearing a Celtics shirt with a shamrock on it, a shamrock is Irish and so is Guinness AND I have some at home.

You see, everything’s comin’ up Hendu!!

Go ahead, talk about yours.



4 Responses to “Humpday Convo: A Few Of My Favorite things”

  1. Everything’s coming up Hendu as long as your family doesn’t gang up on you to ask if we all fit anywhere on this list.

  2. Already went there! we don’t even make the list.

  3. Jason, you sure know how to stir a pot!

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