Is There Anybody Out There?

I found it fascinating this morning about the discovery of a new “earth-like” planet in the far-reaches of space.

Kepler-22b is a mere 600 light years away.  While not a weekend jaunt, a relatively short distance.  The fact that our scientists were able to find a planet just like ours is pretty amazing.  It is a little bigger but it sits right in the perfect spot for life to be there.  The average temp is 72, so I picture something like San Diego which isn’t too bad.

Of course this got me wondering.  Just how long would it take us to get there.  Well, after scouring the web for the answer, what I found is that it varies. 

If you were to travel at the speed of light, it would take 600 years to get there.  That’s slightly un-realistic.  However, if you wanna go all Star Wars/Star Trek then the time would obviously shrink.  A trusted co-worker on the subject informed me this morning that at Warp-4 it would take us just 15 hours to get to the new planet.  Really???  That’s just a drive to Richmond VA!!  That’s a cakewalk. 

Another calculation that i found was Warp 1 equals the speed of light.  Therefore, Warp 4 is four times the speed of light.  If that’s the case, at warp 4 it would take 75 years if my calculations are right and about 37 years at warp 5.  Hmmmm, that’s a little more of a committment.  I’m down for a little more than half my day, not half my life.

Oh well, however long it will take we are eons from developing that type of speed.  Regardless, how cool is it that another earth could be out there.  It would be sweet if we had a telescope that could zoom in and see cities, roads or other signs of real civilization.

Now, how about working on that space travel thing. 



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