Why you reading this?  Well, because I really like this blog?  Well….why?  Because I think the writer is brilliant?  Why?  Probably because he has a grasp on reality and knows exactly what his readers want to read about?  Why?  I dunno, maybe because he is just a phenomenal human being.   Oh…..okay.

That would be a sample of a conversation you may have with Avery while reading this.  Of course your answers may differ a bit than they did in my head, but so what, it’s my blog.

Anyway, that’s the stage she’s in now.  Everything is “Why?”  I get that it is the way that two-year-olds learn but good god does it get irritating quick.  Some of you may know that I am not the most patient guy in the world so a stretch of this type of questioning can get old fast.  Shockingly though, I think I have handled it pretty well.  We’ll play along for a little bit, answering as much as we want.  When it gets to that point, and I think as parents, we all know what that point is, we flip the script.  Once we start asking her why. she quickly stops.  Childish?  Yes, but sometimes very necessary and frankly I’m above nothing.

I guess from here on out. it’s a battle of wills.  This could get ugly.

2 Responses to “Why?”

  1. Awesome, i get to battle two people with the will of a two year old!

  2. The stubborn gene runs strong in this family. If the battle were for cuteness Avery would win hands down. Not sure who will win the stubbornness battle but, having lived this battle with Jason for so many years, I’m going to enjoy the show.

    BTW, who took such a wonderful photo?

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