Back to the Grind

I tell ya, I get what all the hype is about a four-day turkey day break.  Man was it nice.  No stress, no work headaches, no waking up at 2am.  Just friends, family, food and football. 

Woke p thursday morning and went out and hit the links.  What a perfect morning to wrap up the golf season.  While playing in December is not out of the ordinary for me, I don’t think I’ll have the time.  I’m quite content ending on a good note knowing my swing is in a good place.  Lets just hope I can find it again in March.  After an awesome meal, spent the rest of the night looking through old family picture albums.  Loved seeing all those old photos and the memories that they stirred up.  It was crazy seeing how much Avery and I looked at the same age.  Lets hope her looks improve with age though 🙂

Friday we were finally able to take my youngest brother out for his 21st.  Two months late, but it’s the thought that counts and any night at Eli Cannons is a good night.  We actually stayed out till 1am.  I know, we are crazy party animals.

How great a day was it Saturday?  First off, the NBA announced they were back!!!  Giddy up.  XMas can’t come fast enough as th Celts go for #18!!  The weather was perfect for the last UConn tailgate of the season and what do you know, there was actually a good football game to go with it.  Of course that was just the appetizer.  The main course being ” The Game”!

We started off with this:   and ended with this:

Seven long years of frustration was finally erased as Michigan upended a very game OSU team.  In the end though the better team won to get to 10-2 and a possible BCS game in January.  This is one very happy Maize and Blue fan and couldn’t be more excited for the future of the program. 

The relaxation came crashing to a halt when the alarm went off at 2am.  Back to work but it feels really good to get back at it.  Also, today is the first day of basketball practice.  We have a new coach and will be looking to create our own way after a great season last year.  It will be a great challenge but it’s something that I am fully embracing.

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