The Game

It’s my favorite week of the year. 

Normally I would be most excited for Thanksgiving and spending time with my family, but not this year.

Nope, something else much more important trumps all this week. 

That Ohio school comes into the Big House on Saturday to take on a Michigan team that hasn’t won one of these games in five years.  Yeah, I think a bit of frustration will be let loose Saturday afternoon.

This is the one game all year that I gear up for.  I despise anything about THAT school and nothing gets me going like a good ol fashion Buckeye ass kicking. 

While I have been left feeling empty these past five years, it doesn’t change the fact that this is always the game of the year.  Four years ago, Nikki and I went out to the game and saw a sloppy, defensive battle in which the Maize and Blue came up just short.  That home game was Lloyd Carr’s last game at the Big House and the history of Michigan football forever changed from that point.  A month later, Rich Rodriguez was  hired and three tumultuous and ugly seasons followed.  Those three rivalry games were some of the lowest points ever in the history of Michigan football.  None of the games were close and in all three, that team clinched a BCS berth. 

Thankfully, Rich Rod was shit-canned and Brady Hoke came riding in on his white horse.  There has been a different feel about the program now.  They are getting back to Michigan football.  Great defense, great running and well-disciplined.  As soon as Hoke took over, he put a countdown clock that was ticking down to Saturday.  This has been one of his main focal points: Beating that school from Ohio.  Oh yeah, he also refuses to mention them by name so I too have taken up that mantra.

The whole season leads up to this week, and I can’t wait for Saturday.  The only downside is I have to DVR the game because I got a UConn game at the same time.  Yeah, don’t tell me about it, I’m not happy about that at all.


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