Don’t Let the Dor Hit Ya

On your way out Joe Pa!  What I called for on Tuesday morning came to fruition late last night.  Joe Paterno’s legendary


Image by micala via Flickr

run as the head football coach and the face of Penn State came to an unceremonious and ugly end.  The board of trustees did what they had to do.  There is no way you could let Paterno lead his team on the field and preach what he preaches after this event.

Now, I feel awful for his players.  These seniors are going out on Saturday, for their last home game without their coach.  I would be pissed off at everyone that my day was taken away from me by a bunch of short-sighted men who were more worried about their reputation.  All that these players have done is dedicated four or five years of their lives to this school and this program. All they ever wanted in return is to walk arm-in-arm, with their parents onto the field at Beaver Stadium in front of their fans and coaches.  Their lasting memory will be of this scandal and the fact that their coach wasn’t with them for their last home game.

There are no positives that have come from this.  It is one of the saddest things I have seen and read.  I truly feel for the victims and their families.  The Penn St. alums that I know are sickened by these allegations.  They are truly embarrassed to


Image by sean.flynn via Flickr

be Nittany Lions.  I feel a little for the fans who rioted last night because they have no idea how stupid they truly are.

This is a sad sad day in Pennsylvania and across the college football landscape.  We have witnessed the downfall of a proud program and a proud man.  As much as I hate both, no one, especially me, wanted to see it end this way.

Honestly, I was hoping for an Ohio St like demise.  You know, nothing overly criminal, just enough to mock all Penn St fans.  Something we could all laugh at.  I’ve been waiting for this day for years and years and I can’t even revel in it.


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