For Shame Penn St.

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Working in news, you see and hear about a lot of truly awful things.  Just when you think you have heard it all, along comes Jerry Sandusky and Penn St.

First off, what he did is truly one of the most despicable things a human being can do, and frankly I think the use of human being to describe Sandusky completely demeans other human beings.  Jerry Sandusky is nothing more than a filthy, disgusting and manipulative monster.  I really can’t even find the words to describe him in a worse way.  What he did to those kids is absolutly deplorable.  He will serve major time over this and frankly what ever punishment he gets will be nothing compaired to what happens to him in prison.

The thing that makes this even worse is the actions, or non-actions really of the upper level staff at the school.  How can anyone, after hearing about a first-hand account of the rape of a ten-year-old, not call the authorities is beyond me.  Joe Paterno and his ever-precious legacy will forever be tarnished because of his lack of action and frankly he should never coach another game at the university because of this.  How many more kids lives were destroyed because no one spoke up and took this monster off the street.  Oh, great, he passed along the info to his superior and he felt he did his job.  Well, one thing, no one is Joe Paterno’s superior at that school.  He has as much influence as the president and the fact he took no action in this matter should mean he is held as accountable as everyone else.


There is no defending any actions involved in this.  The fact he was still allowed to hold youth football camps and bring kids to campus to show off the facilities after the fact is disgusting.  Yeah, the University said he was banned from holding youth camps on campus, but lets be real here.  Penn St. still provided facilities at it’s satellite schools without passing on the information that they knew of what happened in 2002. 

Now, I’ll go on record as saying that I don’t nor did I ever have any love for the school.  For many reasons, simply, I hate the place.  They always pride themselves on “success with honor” and running a clean program.  Well, that’s great.  Where in it does it say we won’t protect young boys so we can keep our beloved reputation?  That’s all this cover up was.  Protecting the “image” of Penn St, it’s football program and their iconic coach and that’s wrong on every level.

Sure, other football programs and schools have cheated and been reprimanded for it.  What does the NCAA do about these Penn St incidents that took place on campus and in football facilities?  In my mind, everything should be considered. 

Don’t try and defend the actions of anyone involved here.  From Paterno up the house needs to be cleaned. 

The squeaky clean image of Penn State is forever tarnished and the beloved Paterino, Sandusky  and the other cronies are all at fault.  At least eight lives have been damaged and god knows how many more. 

These are dark and sad days for the folks in Happy Valley and anyone else that is affiliated with the once proud school and it’s football program.  Any respect that I had for the coach and his program is now gone.


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