No Compairison

Passing up my weekly question today. 

Hopefully you are reading this with power and if you are not, I do feel for ya.  I was without power for seven days after Irene.  It was rough but manageable.  The power issues after this freak nor’easter really put that week in August to shame.  For us, we had long warm days and short nights.  We were able to go out and do stuff during the day.  the only thing we had to worry about was keeping our chest freezer cold.  Also, we were ready for the power loss.  We packed up our perishables and brought them to my parents the day before the storm.  They had a generator and we took full advantage of it.

Unfortunately, no one was prepared for the severity of power outages this time around.  Now these poor people, including most of my co-workers are struggling w/o heat and power.  The power is one thing, the lack of heat can become demoralizing.  Luckily, the temps haven’t been awful.  Nice during the day but most definitely three-dog nights.  I would like to compare and contrast the two, but losing power in November is unbearable. 

The only thing I can do is offer up my house for refuge.  I won’t compete, I know they have it much much worse.  I’m trying not to rub it in because frankly, some folks were not the nicest when we were without power.  Now they are getting their comeupins.  Plus, it’s football season and some people could be missing four days of pigskin action.  That’s the worse.

Hopefully CL&P can get things figured out sooner rather than later.


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