Humpday Convo: Halloween Costumes

At first, I wasn’t really looking forward to Halloween at all this year.  Once we started talking to Avery about it, the more excited she got, the more I got.  This will be her “1st” Halloween.  Last year we tried to dress her up as a butterfly but she wanted nothing to do with it.  This year though, she’s going as an owl and it’s all she is talking about.  Nikki’s done a great job making a costume out of a paper bag and felt.  Fiscal and creative; yup she’s all right! 

Anyhoo, Avery is totally amped for Monday.  We live in a great neighborhood for trick-or-treating too.  Rumor on the street is last year, people got like 75 little ghosts and goblins.  I’m hoping for more variety this year, but I like the number.  I can see why too, our street is a good length cul-de-sac off a main road, has lots of houses, is a easy and safe walk and has a lot of kids on the street. 

So, I figured what better time to talk about your favorite Halloween costume or memory.  My Mom made some awesome costumes for my brother and I when we were young.  My fave was an ewok costume she made from scratch.  It was perfect and I happened to be the perfect size of an ewok so it all worked.  That year, Halloween was bitterly cold too.  While other kids were bundled up in coats over their get-up, mine was plenty warm on its own.  Yeah, I rocked it that year.  unfortunately, I have no pictures of it handy so for visual purposes, I’m going with this:

That’s me dressed as a beer pong table (fully functional as well).  Nikki went as a beer pong ball.  Yep, we were adorable and little did we know, plus one at that point.  It was quite interesting playing beer pong dressed as a beer pong table.  It was like the nexus of the universe.  Again, it was creative and cheap and fun. 

Love to hear about yours.  Maybe a pic to back it up wouldn’t hurt either.


6 Responses to “Humpday Convo: Halloween Costumes”

  1. My mom made me the best costume when I was like 8… I was a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Chocolate brown sweatsuit, with cardboard cut-outs of a PB Cup with a huge bite taken out of it. I was adorable… and delicious!

  2. i know you don’t like country music.. but i think you and your beer pong halloween costume would appreciate this song

    and i couldnt pick a favorite halloween costume because they’ve always been awesome, homemade, and redheaded. Ariel (the little mermaid), Pebbles (Flintstone), Poison Ivy (from Batman)… etc

  3. You forgot the cowboy vest and hat made at the last minute from brown paper grocery bags? And the lion with a mane of brown yarn and the cutest tail you could imagine? And the clown? And Batman?

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