Screw You Frenchy!

I’m just going to add this to the long list of reasons why I hate the French. 

Those damn uppity-bastards had the gall to ban ketchup from their lunch menus.

Seriously,  to quote DeAndre Cole: “Ohh Wee What up wit dat? 

Their argument is that french kids use ketchup to mask the flavors of the food that they are eating.  The French are concerned that their cuisine will become “westernized” if they don’t properly teach their young eaters about the quality of the french cuisine and it’s recipes.  Yeah, like any 7-year-old want s to chow down of escargot and frog legs. 

Another argument I heard was that the French were concerned that their youngins were becoming fat off the condiment.  Now I agree that it has too much sugar but real ketchup has many healthy benefits including tons of antioxidants and all the vitamins that tomatoes have.  Yet they still allow mayonnaise to be served in cafeterias which I believe actually has some negative effects on the body, but I may be wrong.

Now I get it, they are probably still pissed off at us for the whole “freedom fries” fad last decade and frankly they had a right to be.  That idea was so freakin’ asinine because it had to do with the cut not the country (but that’s what happens when you let rednecks dictate national culinary policy.)  They are looking for a little get-back.  Did you know that behind America and the UK, that France is McDonald’s biggest consumer.  I would think that they would want more ketchup to mask the taste of that crap.  What do you put on burgers?  What do you put on meatloaf?  I don’t, but some people put it on hot dogs? 

In a quote from the French Food Minister he said “France must be an example to the world in the quality of its food, starting with its children.”  That’s fine, but don’t you want your children to be cultured and worldly.  If your cuisine is soooo good, then what re you worried about?  Wouldn’t kids just tend to gravitate to what they like the best?  If the French thinks their food is great, what’s the worry?  Oh, wait, kids may not like traditional french food on its own?  So instead they ban foods and only allow “their” kind of eats?  You know what that is called?  Foodism.

That’s right the French are a bunch of foodists.  Yeah, I went there.  What the hell they going to do about, roll over and let me walk all over like they do with everyone else?  I say screw ’em.  Let them ban ketchup.  You know what, maybe they just do us a huge favor and ban all things American like tourism dollars. 

Hey France, next time a country comes rolling down the Champs-Elysees don’t call us.  We’ll be out having a cookout with burgers, dogs and plenty of KETCHUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


One Response to “Screw You Frenchy!”

  1. I like the term uppity bastards. That’s just fun to say.

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