Occupy What?

I sorta get this whole “Occupy” fad that has been going on for a month.  I wonder if the people who are so happy to jump on this bandwagon truly know what they are actually protesting.  Everytime I see them they remind me of the causeheads from PCU.

Listen, America is a capitalist country.  Always has been and always will.  Talented people get paid very well to do their jobs.  I feel fortunate to have a job and I feel for whoever has been laid off but protesting for a month is not going to get you another job.  What good are you actually doing?  Do you think that the people you are protesting against really give two shits about what you are saying?  They’ll just roll over, stick a few hundred-dollar bills in their ears and go back to sleep.

The problem is the movement doesn’t have a leader.  There is no central voice, no organization.  Just a bunch of hippies looking for an excuse to camp out and be lazy for a month instead of working hard to find jobs and be constructive members of society.

Not really sure how they are better than the people they are protesting.  I read today that in a month they have already cost NYC over 3 million in overtime.  Nice job fighting the man by giving the man more money.


One Response to “Occupy What?”

  1. Here’s to Balls and Shaft!

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