My Two Cents: the 2011 Boston #Redsox

I think like every other Red Sox fan that read the Boston Globe article earlier this week, many emotions bubbled to the surface.  I was angry, upset, disappointed and cheated. 

I thought this team was the perfect combination of power, pitching, speed and timely hitting.  I had no idea that fried chicken, video games and beer would play such a huge part in one of the greatest downfalls in MLB history.  They went from being top-line pitchers to three guys in the basement of their mom’s house in a matter of weeks.

The other “issues” that the article mentioned I thought were pointless and classless.  I have all the respect in the world for Francona.  He was the perfect manager at the perfect time but over the years he lost the clubhouse.  Bringing up the fact that he lived in a hotel and had pain medication had no affect on the September swoon.  No one brought this up during May-August when they were the best team in baseball.  No, what killed this team in the long run was complacency and lack of conditioning.

I think it’s a good move to bring in a new manager.  A new voice and a new perspective can bring a breath of fresh air into the team.  With that being said, it makes sense for Theo to leave now.  He can go to the Cubbies and become a cult hero in two baseball towns.  He can’t hire the new manager and then risk in a year being fired and the new GM come in and hire another manager. No, the best way is a complete overhaul.  Let the new GM hire his coach and start from there.  It’s not like this team doesn’t have the talent.  Even after their awful month, they were still a strike from being in the playoffs.

Now, I was going to write about all the changes I thought the Sox should do this offseason but Gordon Edes kinda beat me to the punch.  First thing first, fix Carl Crawford.  Let him bad 2nd.  He never should have left that spot.  Francona handled that situation poorly.  A lineup with the  top three hitters of Ells, Crawford and Petey is pretty dangerous.  He has to be good and the Red Sox have to get him to that level.

Making a decision on Youk/Ortiz will be key.  Both are older players.  Youk was injured a good portion of the year and Ortiz is just a DH.  One of the two have to go.  Youk may have more trade value at this point.  He is younger, can play 1st base and has a great contract.  If the Sox trade him for a younger 3rd baseman or an older guy who can DH, do it. 

This team needs to get younger.  I would love to see a guy like Will Middlebrooks get a shot at 3rd base.  Lavarnaway and Salty have to be the catchers next year.  As much as I love Tek, he’s done.  Cut ties now and let him go.  BTW, he can take Wakefield with him.  This team was the oldest in baseball and that showed in September. 

Get the pitchers in shape.  Lester and Beckett got soft, literally, as the season progressed.  The new S+C coach has got to be a prick about in season conditioning work.  In fact, this has to be a point for the whole team.  I know the season is a grind but with younger players, they can do more strength work to keep strong for the marathon.  Older players are more likely to break down with too much use, again another factor in September.

Getting back to the finger-pointing article from the Globe.  I was embarrassed for all parties involved; from upper management all the way down to the players.  I feel there was no need to air all that dirty laundry after the fact.  If the Sox got in and then were swept ou of the first round, would that article still be published?  The fans know what happened, the team flat-out sucked.  We didn’t need anymore explanation we just want to see better results next year.  It’s like sausage making: we don’t care how it’s made, just that it tastes good.  No one cared about all that shit in August when Boston was up 2 on the Yanks and 9 on the Rays.

I’ve never heard of the reporter before and I read the globe online a lot for their Sox coverage.  Whoever was his source should be found and fired.  It goes against everything that teams try to hold onto.  Keeping things in-house.   

I’m pissed off at the guilty parties but it won’t change how I feel about the team nd the organization.  I always have and always will love this team.  I still think they have the best talent in the game from top to bottom but somethings just a bit off.  I have full faith that the new leadership will get this thing right again. 

Of course, that’s all we have as fans is hope and optimism.  Lets hope that the players are just as pissed off and rededicate themselves to being World Champs once again.

One final thing, make Pedroia the captain.  No one better exemplifies what it means to be a red Sox and a major league baseball player more than Petey.  DO that and I think everything else can fall into line quite nicely.


One Response to “My Two Cents: the 2011 Boston #Redsox”

  1. Can’t really disagree with any of your points. Have to add that I’m disappointed in the leak of what-happens-in-the-clubhouse-stays-in-the-clubhouse info but, more importantly, I’m disappointed that some players apparently highly disregarded their work and, therefore, their fans. They all need to take a good long look at their actions … if they no longer have the heart and soul for the game then move on. No worries about Pedroia though, he takes a good long look at his actions every day. It shows in his performance.

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