Humpday Convo: Worst Purchase

I have to admit, I haven’t fallen victim to many bad purchases in my life.  One time though, I fell into the infomercial trap and I came out the other end very upset and out a few hundred dollars.

Everyone remembers the commercial for this right:

Yes, I will admit, we bought one.  We had just moved into our condo and we thought this would be perfect for us.  It ended up being nothing more than a hunk of junk.  It was loud, really freaking hot and never really cooked the food that well.  We always had to cook it longer in the over or zap it a bit when it was “done.”  I was so amped when we got it and I still remember how sad I felt when the 1st meal we had was a failure.  We tried it a few more times after that but it quickly served as a dust collector.  When we moved out two years later, the cooker never made it to the new house. 

I’m sure I can’t be the only one with a story like this.  I know I will never ever buy a thing off of an infomercial again.  Oh sure, they always try to suck me in but I will continue to fight the urge.  Ronco forever scarred me of as-seen=on=tv products.  Frankly, a part of me died that day and that’s on you Ron Popeil.

Maybe you’ve had better luck, maybe not.  either way, lets talk about it.


2 Responses to “Humpday Convo: Worst Purchase”

  1. The abflex! My Dad bought this when we were kids. Looked like a spaceship, and hurt like hell!

  2. and obviously ended up inthe same place as the cooker….

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