Eyes and Ears

This is just one more thing to add to the ever-growing list of changes that we are forced to make.  Now that Avery is at the stage where she can start processing things much quicker and will start repeating things she sees or hears, we’ve come to the conclusion that we just can’t watch TV like we used too.

Before, we would have dinner and catch up on our DVR’d shows.  Since neither one of our schedules are conducive to watching our shows live, we have relied on a DVR for years now.  Even after Avery was born we continued to watch any show we wanted without fear of, for lack of a better word, warping her mind.  Last night we realized that those free-wheeling time of TV watching is, sadly, over.

Last night we were watching a new show on Showtime called Homeland.  Really good show BTW.  It stars Claire Danes and Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers, Life) who Nikki and I both really like.  The premise of the show is unique and some of the writers also wrote for 24, one of my all-time faves.  The show has some violent moments and about 40 minutes in we both realized that it was too much for Avery.  When she can notices a guy being hung from the ceiling all bloody and she says something about it, it’s time to stop.  We both knew this day would come it just really sucks that our viewing habits and times will have to change now.

This isn’t the only show that will be affected.  Shows like Hung, Always Sunny and Curb will have to be viewed very strategically.  Luckily though most our shows are “kid-friendly.” 

So it looks like this is just another of many adjustments that parents make.  I’m guessing that seeing a bloody body, two people bumpin’ uglies or free use of swears are frowned upon when talking about kids viewing habits.

I guess it’s more Blues Clues for everyone.  Of course, on Saturday when Nikki was clicking through the channels, she went past a football game and Avery said “Mama I watch football game.”

Yep, that’s my girl.


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