Getting Re-Acquainted

So it seems that the NBA is not coming back anytime soon.  I am kinda bummed but I figure if the players and owners don’t give a damn then why should I waste my time caring.  When they come back, whenever it is, I’ll be there in my Celtics Green showing my pride.  Till that happens though, I must find some other sports outlet to get me through the winter doldrums.  Well, what better time than now to re-acquaint myself with an old friend: 


Like any other kid in CT, I grew up a Whalers fan.  Brass Bonanza continuously bounced around in my head.  At some point, my allegiances starting going west toward MSG and by the time the Whale packed up and moved to Carolina, I was a full-fledged Ranger fan.  I still remember falling asleep to the radio listening to Howie Rose and Sal “Red Light” Messina calling Blueshirt games on WFAN.  I was listening intently on the night that Rose had that famous “Matteau!  Matteau!” call in game seven of the 1994 Eastern Conference final and can still recall how awesome game 7 of the Stanley Cups were that year (probably because I’ve watched that game a good 15 times or so since then)!

As the years passed, my interest in the sport waned but I always kept an eye on the Rangers.  As I get older and I think as technology gets better, I’ve started to grow fonder of the sport.  Seriously, has HD helped a sport more than hockey? 

I’m still a Rangers fan and I still had the Bruins and Flyers, but there I was last night watching opening night of the NHL season and I was excited about it.  Unfortunately, I may be stuck watching the Bruins a lot this year because i do no t get MSG.  I’m sure I will get my fair share of Ranger games on the national network though.

Soo it seems I am back on the hocky bandwagon.  I hope that the sport has enough to keep me around this time though.  It really is a great sport.  Some say the greatest which tends to lead to an annual argument between me and a college classmate who just so happens to write for  He’s a hockey guy, I’m a basketball guy.  Well, it looks like he wins this year. 

If Hockey is as good this year as the Stanley Cup playoffs were last year, we are all winners really.

BTW, if yo want the up-to-date latest on all things NHL, follow Brian Compton’s blog  or on twitter @BComptonNHL.


One Response to “Getting Re-Acquainted”

  1. Welcome back. Its good to have you back on the wagon.

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