You Lay in the Bed You Make

It’s the morning after the end of the 2011 Boston Red Sox season. A season that was both magical and mysterious.  A team that was great from May to August but had bookend historically awful months.  Am I upset this morning?  Hardly.  I cashed this season in a few weeks ago.  Yeah, of course I wanted the team to make the playoffs, but not the September team.  Not the team that was beset by injuries and lackadaisical play.  I wanted to watch the team that was proving all the haters wrong after the rough start, not the team that ended up proving all the haters right. 

This team thought that the playoffs was their right, the Rays knew the playoffs had to be earned and they played like it.  Do I blame the Yanks for how they played, nope.  Not going there.  The regulars got a 7 run lead.  They should hold that lead.  DO you  know when the last time the Yanks blew a 7 run lead after the 7th inning?  1953!!!  My only issue was the fact that they didn’t bring in Mo for the save but in the end it hurt them more because Texas now has the home-field advantage. 

My only problem this morning is with the Olde Towne team.  Do I blame Tito, nope.  What more was he to do.  He put the players out there and they are the ones that fucked it all up.  I put blame on Theo for not building a balanced team and for having a weak bullpen.  If he’s even here next year, that’s gotta be his focus.  Power arms out of the pen and developing a good balance of young/old and righty/lefty players.  I loved the way the Sox played during the summer but there was always something there that didn’t draw me in.  Maybe it was the lack of personality or the lack of intensity.  To me they seem to corporate.  Hell, the Yankees looked like they had much more fun as a team.  The two have flip-flopped.  The Sox need guys like Swisher, Burnett and Granderson.  Guys that play the game just for the love of the game.  Clubhouse cut-ups that also show it on the field.  Guys who really appreciate where they are and how they got there, not a bunch of entitled players who somewhere along the lines forgot that baseball is a game for boys. 

What next for the Sox?  Drew is gone.  Pap may be gone.  Ellsbury will need to be re-signed.  Can Youk stay healthy?  Which Crawford will show up in 2012?  Is Gonzo’s shoulder going to be a lasting issue?  What about Clay’s back?  Can Lackey pitch in Boston?  Are Salty and Lavarnaway the answers behind the plate?  These are a ton of questions for a team that barely missed the playoffs but hasn’t been there in two years. The Rays are going nowhere and the Yanks, well they are still the Yanks.

These are just the problems on the outside.  How does this collapse effect this team next September.  That’s all they will hear about next year.  Are they mentally tough enough to overcome.  The Mets have folded as an organization after their epic collapse.  What will this team do?  I guess none of these can be answered till next year. 

Is this the start of a new curse like I’ve heard all day today.  First off, I never believed in the 1st curse so my answer is no.  I do find the timing of the collapse really poor considering that both SI and ESPN the Magazine had cover stores on the Red Sox and the Red Sox way.  Uhhhhhh, maybe they should have held off on those.  Oh well.  Cest la Vie.

One last point, at least this gives me more time to focus on the 4-0 Wolverines and the surprisingly 2-1 Giants.  Don’t forget about hockey either.  With the NBA all having their heads up their asses, the boys on ice have a chance to have a real impact this winter. 




One Response to “You Lay in the Bed You Make”

  1. The Red Sox, as a unit, put fans out of our collective misery. On to next year.

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