Humpday Convo: Strengths

Last week I asked my readers to think about their weaknesses.  The funniest response I got was from a co-worker who said they had an answer but would post it later.  Think about it……………………..  ok, there you go.

This week I want you guys to think about what your greatest strength is.  No, I do not mean lifting 100 lbs right over your head.  Mandlebaum! Mandlebaum! Mandelbaum!  (That’s two Seinfeld references in two sentences!  Giddy Up!!  [3] )

My greatest strength is my confidence.  I even had a co-worker a few weeks ago say that no matter what was going on, good or bad, I had control of the situation.  They said I had a voice that just seemed to be right for the moment.  I fully believe that is because I have the utmost confidence in myself in many situations.  I want to be “that guy” who rises up in a big moment.  I want all the big shows at the station.  I want to play against the best opponents.  I believe in my abilities and have never let a situation get bigger than myself.  That all stems from confidence. 

This asset has guided me through all points of my life so far.  Some may see it as being cocky or hard-headed but that’s just me being so sure of myself. 

Since when is that a bad thing.

Your turn.


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