Humpday Convo: Weakness

It’s been a long week.  Very bust at work(which is a great thing) but it leaves me with no time to write.  Not like there is anything interesting going on this week.  With the Red Sox throwing up on themselves, Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell/ Israel & Palestine and the NCAA debacle I don’t think I’d have any topic to write on anyway.  Even with the crazed week, I still find time to pose our weekly question.  This week I want you to tell me: What is your weakest quality?

I always find it interesting how people answer this.  What you may think is a weakness in somebody, they may not even realize that is a problem. 

My biggest weakness is my patience or lack thereof. 

I don’t have a lot of time in my day so my patience are already razor-thin and when I have to explain things more than once.  It is an everyday battle to stay calm and let things play out but there are some days when the patience-meter is below zero.  On those days everything sets me off.  Whether it is work related, school related or family related anything to a dirty dish to something out-of-place will send me into a spiral.  I’m not proud of these moments but they happen and I just try to make sure that they happen very infrequently.  I become a very ugly person during these times and I don;t like it.

Sometimes though I feel those times are necessary.  There are times while I coach that having a lack of patience can drive a team to be better.  They quickly realize that if they do the things that I ask correctly and the 1st time I ask, practices tend to be easier.  At work, during really hectic times, patience is a virtue that has no place in a control room.  Days like those tend to be when we shine as a crew for whatever reason. 

So a lack of patience is my Achilles heel.  What’s yours?


One Response to “Humpday Convo: Weakness”

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