The Poop on Poop

I wish I found this myself, hell I wish I wrote this my self but I will give credit where credit is due.  So thanks Tracy Mitchell for this gem from Gawker.  I highly recommend you read that shitty link before you continue on.  Oh, don’t worry about me I’ll wait.

Now, I do have a couple of issues that I’d like to take up.  First off, dropping the kids off at the pool while at work is awesome.  Just think, you are getting paid to do that.  Next time you are doin’ your business, do the math and figure out what you just got for doing what comes naturally.  Guarantee you’ll come out of there even happier.

I do agree that timing is everything.  There is nothing that pisses me off more when someone else interrupts my “me” time.  I’m sitting there, minding my own business and in comes a co-worker and I know that my serenity is gone.  You see, at my job, as like any other, some alone time is a must.  It allows you to decompress.  That’s what the stall is for.  I seriously get really pissed off when I have to share that time with some other dude.

I’ll come out and admit it: I do the crosswords while I rock the throne.  I don’t really care what it says or what others think.  I think my best in there, I love doing cross words so why not combine the two.  I call it efficiency.  I would say I finish the puzzle 80% of the time.  I better too, because I do it in pen.  Yep, that’s right I’m a rebel. 

I can’t agree more with the evidence thing.  Clean up after yourself, both your backside and your environment.  Make sure all paper products are disposed of properly and all remains are gone from the bowl.  In our old building we had someone we called the “Masked Maurader” who was notorious of leaving his mark.  We never really could lock down a firm identity but we had our suspects.  In our new place, we have brand new fancy toilets that do a great job of “hyro-eliminating” 

For god sakes, can’t we making washing your hands a rule?  I mean are we cavemen?  I have actually witnessed people drop a deuce and then walk out.  Really?  There is no way you are that clean.  Take the 15-30 seconds, lather up and do everyone else a favor.  If not for you then think of your compatriots.  Needless to say, I have not shaken his hand since.

Thank you Gawker for getting this out there.  We are a stronger society now because of this.  No need to be grossed out or embarrassed, we all do it, yes ladies we know you do it too.  Now it’s time that we utilize and embrace this time for our own sanity.

Just use some febreeze.


One Response to “The Poop on Poop”

  1. just bring your ipod into the can. That way you are in yourown complete world and will never be distracted by orher people ruining your me time ever again.

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