A Day to Forget

I hope you all were able to enjoy the beautiful day yesterday regardless of what was going on in NYC, DC, PA among other places.  I managed to avoid all the ceremonies and remembrances and vigils from the past few days.  Not because it was sad or brought back bad memories but because I chose to ignore it because frankly, I had no personal attachment to it therefore I thought it would be rude of me to take part.

I find no need to re-live that day.  I clearly remember the visuals and remember where I was.  Once I found out that no one I knew lost their lives, my focus shifted elsewhere.  Yes it was such a sad loss of life but once all my friends, their family and my family were all confirmed safe I moved on.

I don’t feel the need to take one day out of the year and note and recognize our 1st responders.  What they did on that day is what they do everyday.  My step-father was a police officer for many years, my mom was an EMT and I know many firefighters.  My respect for what these people do on an everyday basis is immeasurable.  Unfortunately, death is a very ugly and final risk in that line of duty.

The other victims were completely innocent and I feel for their families.  I too lost a father in a terrible and sudden plane crash.  I choose to remember him in my own way and really don’t want to make a public display of it and I feel the same should be said for the families of these attacks.  I don’t know why anyone would talk to the media.  Keep you feelings within your family.  Spend time with them, honor your deceased in a private way.  I think that the political figures are using the victims for their own gain and it sickens me.

I hate the fact we refer to that day now as “Patriot Day.”  What the hell does that mean anyway?  I believe we should recognize the day like we do with Pearl Harbor.  Why do we insist on bringing up all these dark and scary moments?  We all brag about America’s resilience and ability to move forward but we continue to throw a pity party for ourselves every year.  I know the counter-argument will be that we honor the lives lost that day and in the following wars(which lets not forget, the Iraq War was simply Bush’s way of using the terrorist attack to finish his daddy’s war and Yes I also understand that Clinton could have prevented these attacks if he had the nuts to kill bin Laden in the mid-ninties,) but just as many if not more Americans lost their lives in WWII; and that happened after an attack on America as well.  With that being said, we don’t pull out all the pomp and circumstance on December 7th do we and honestly how many of you actually knew the date of Pearl Harbor?

I know it won’t happen but I hope in the future we as a country just let the families and friends mourn the loss of their loved ones without the glare of the national spotlight shining on them.  We have no business dropping into their lives for one day then popping out, and for what?  To make ourselves feel bad for a day?  What good does that accomplish?  I don’t need the slogan “we’ll never forget” plastered everywhere I go.  I don’t think anyone will so lets just move on past that.

The monuments are erected and there for public viewing, the Pentagon has been rebuilt and the Freedom Tower is proudly and quickly rising above NYC.  I think it is time we move on past this day of sadness and let the real victims of this heinous act remember it in their own way.


One Response to “A Day to Forget”

  1. For many of the same reasons I went into a self-imposed news blackout for most of the week leading up to yesterday and all of the ‘memorial’ weekend. Having lived with deep, painful loss for years now I believe, over time, public memorials prolong and heighten pain. Those who have experienced the death of a loved one learn to live with the memories and pain. Others, I’m sure, will disagree, but grieving families and friends don’t need to be reminded just because the public feels the need to do so. Unfortunately, such a statement to non-grievers in person sounds like sour grapes. You can’t understand unless you’ve been there or are there.

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