2011 NFL Season: My Picks

How great is it that the NFL season is upon us.  Honestly, how many of you thought this would not happen this year?  I always had a doubt in my mind that it would never open on time but thankfully the game has returned.  Last night wasn’t a bad way to get things kicked off huh?  I think the Packers and Saints may be OK this year.  Usually, I try to get this post in before the 1st game, but yesterday I had just enough time to breathe a little so it gets put off a day.  Deal with it alright!

Here are last years picks and god damn how bout that. i nailed the Super Bowl winners.  The rest, eh not so great.  Without further ado, let’s get to it:

AFC North: Pittsburgh Steelers 10-6, Baltimore Ravens 10-6, Cleveland Browns 7-9, Cincinnati Bengals 3-13 (they are going to be realllllly bad!)

AFC East: New England Patriots 14-2(ok I get it, they’re good…), NY Jets 11-5, Buffalo Bills 6-10, Miami Dolphins 5-11.

AFC South: Houston Texans 11-5, Indianapolis 11-5 w/Payton; 5-11 w/o Payton, Tennessee Titans 9-7, Jacksonville (soon to be L.A.) Jags 2-14.

AFC West: San Diego Chargers 12-4, Kansas City Chiefs 8-8, Oakland Raiders 6-10, Denver Broncos 6-10.

AFC Wildcards: NY Jets and either Indy w/Payton or Baltimore.

AFC Championship: San Diego over New England.

NFC North: Green Bay Packers 13-3, Detroit Lions 9-7, Chicago Bears 7-9, Minnesota Vikings 6-10

NFC East: Philadelphia Eagles 12-4, Dallas Cowboys 10-6, NY Giants 7-9(this may be generous…), Washington Redskins 6-10

NFC South: Atlanta Falcons 13-3(I love the ATL this year and it has nothing to do with me having Matt Ryan, Roddy White and Julio Jones in fantasy football 😉 ), New Orleans 11-5, Tampa Bay Bucs 10-6, Carolina Panthers 1-15 (with the #1 pick do they draft Luck even w/ Cam Newton……. regrets, they’ll have a few)

NFC West: St. Louis Rams 8-8, Arizona Cardinals 8-8, Seattle Seahawks 6-10, San Francisco 49er’s 6-10.

NFC Wildcards: Dallas and New Orleans.

NFC Championship: Atlanta over Green Bay.

Super Bowl XLVI: Atlanta over San Diego.

Lets remember that these picks are for entertainment purposes only.  If yo udo happen to use this information for any monetary gain than I am entitled to 20% of your earnings. 

Enjoy opening weekend and the rest of the season!


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