Humpday Convo: Favorite Musician

This is very similar to my first question I posted almost one year ago

Last night Avery was in an extra good mood and she was in the mood to dance, or as she puts it “shake her butt!”  So, I found a Chili Peppers concert on Fuse and let her go to town.  She danced all over the living room as the funk-rock sounds of Flea, Chad, Anthony and new guitarist  Josh Klinghoffer filled the room.  She asked who this was and I told her, so she proceeded to bounce around the room stating “I shake my butt to Chidi Pemmers.”  Adorable I know.

This happened not more than two hours after discussing music with part of my soccer team.  They made a backhanded joke about Avery and Justin Bieber.  I responded, quite defiantly, that she will like only good music like the Chili Peppers which prompted an “Oh, I love them!  They’re like my favorite band!”  I appreciated her taste while laughing on the inside because to her, the Peppers have come out with only three albums.  Little does she know that they have been together since 1981.

OK, let me get to the point and the question: Who is your favorite musician and why?  Has it changed over the years or do you stay true to your childhood/teenage tastes? 

I started listening to the Peppers back in 1991 when Suck my Kiss was the 1st single off of Blood Sugar Sex Magic.  I must have listened to that tape thousands of times over (it was my 1st btw).  That’s where my love affair with their music started and continues today.  I went out and snatched up all their music I could find.  The more I heard the more I wanted.  Something about the beats and the lyrics just struck me in a way and still does to this day. 

I was as excited for this new Peppers album this past week as I was for all the previous ones I’ve purchased.  There are very view things that I get this amped up about.  Even at almost 50 years of age, Kiedis and Flea are still able to rock it out and blow my mind. 

I just hope that I can pass along this love to Avery.  So now I have two goals as a Dad: keep her away from the pole and keep her away from crappy-ass pop music.


One Response to “Humpday Convo: Favorite Musician”

  1. This one can be answered on way too many levels… Let’s go simple first, then delve a bit deeper shall we?

    Favorite Band is unquestionably Blind Melon. Favorite musician cannot be contained to one person or group. Especially when you break down best… and favorite.

    For example, the best bassist I’ve ever heard is Victor Wooten. However, my favorite …. ok Victor is my favorite too. Bad example.

    The best guitarist I’ve ever heard is probably Stevie Ray Vaughn, but I need to be in a particular mood to listen to him. I’d much rather listen to Chris Otepka (google him) who’s not nearly as talented, but I just connect more to his music.

    As for drums… hands down goes to Dave Grohl. Dude killed on the drums.

    Voice is just too tough to call. You’ve got Otepka, Shannon Hoon, Caleb Followil, and the guys from Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers.

    Man I love music. Good topic Jay.

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