Can’t tell you how great it is to have my life back on track.  

Wait maybe I should otherwise this could be a really short post.

 We got our power back on somewhere around 4am Friday morning.  After a week of showering at work, k-cup coffee, afternoons and dinner at my parents then back to a dark house for a little sleep day after day became old quickly.  Not that afternoons and dinner at my parents house was a bad thing.  Trust me it was so awesome of them to house Nikki and Avery for a week.  At least they had running water and some power thanks to “The Beast” (their generator).  Now while I enjoyed using my yard as my temporary urinal for a week( one of the joys of being a guy) that first sip of home-brewed java Friday morn was decadent!  It truly is the little things.

I was just as happy to discover our stockpile of meat in our chestfreezer survived the outage. Man oh man can those things hold their cold.  The upstairs fridge, that’s another story.  It made for a good reason to clean the shelves though.  Our fridge hasn’t been this clean since January.  The best part though was just having Nikki, Avery and the dog back under ou roof.  Even though I saw them everyday and they were just across town, it just wasn’t the same.  Having my family back completely upstaged the lights coming back on.

Now, some of yo may read this and think I sound a bit spoiled and privileged because the worst that happened was I only lost power.  Trust me, I know about all the issues on the shoreline.  It is awful but it was the inherent risk these people took when they built or bought houses that close to the water.  Same goes for the people who had their houses flood.  They know the risk and while I empathize with their problem I do not feel sorry for them.  If you live that close to water, eventually you will flood.  It’s nature, deal with it or move. 

UConn is 1-0 and more importantly, the Brady Hoke era is off and running, Michigan stands at 1-0!  Bring on the Golden Domers!


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