Wow, what a 36 hours. 

Never would have thought that I would be here on Sunday night, working on 3 hours of sleep and so overly satisfied with a job well done. 

When I found out that we were going non-stop from 3pm till whenever, I was a bit sceptical.  Never did I think that anyone would give a crap about hurricane coverage in the early AM hours.  Boy, was I wrong.  We absolutely dominated the airwaves during the height of the storm.  We were everywhere you needed us to be covering the impact of Irene.  All of us here at the Peacock made huge personal sacrifices to deliver the type of storm coverage the citizens of Connecticut deserves.  So many people gave up vacation days to work and get that out to the state.  We all left loved ones behind, not knowing what would be left in store for us when we got back.  Personally, I am lucky that Nikki and Avery were able to stay at my parents house and the fact the very tall trees next to our house decided to stay upright.

Back to out news team though.  Many believe that we hype storms just to make us seem more important.  I can honestly tell you that for us, it couldn’t be further from the truth.  We stayed on for 26 straight hours because we needed to get out the information to you.  Regardless of the major or minor impact of Irene on you, many in this state had their lives flipped upside down by this storm.  Flooding and power outages are historic.  This was a major storm and we were the ones you thought so much of our state that we felt we needed to walk you through it every step of the way.  And you know what, you guys watched. 

We all have so many days when we walk away from work and are just defeated, disgruntled or plain ol’ pissed off.  So few are the times when you can walk away with your head held high knowing that what you did was truly remarkable.  We impressively beat down our competition the past few days and nothing is better than the sweet taste of victory. 

I may be boasting a bit, but in the immortal words of one Kid Rock: It ain’t braggin’ if you can back it up.


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