Humpday Convo: Favorite TV Show

Today’s inspiration came from a fellow co-worker who will remain nameless to protect the innocent.  They were watching old clips fo their favorite show on this thing called “YouTube.”  Maybe you’ve heard of it.  The perpetrator was laughing like it wa the 1st time they’ve seen it.  If you can still laugh out loud at shows that have been seen a bunch of times and can carry their humor over a span of generations, you know you’ve struck gold.

I have a list of favorite shows.  The Simpsons, Deadliest Catch, 24, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Cheers, The Office are just some of my all-time faves but there is only one that truly holds the top spot in my heart.

I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t reference it at least once.  It’s the show about nothing that truly was something.  That’s right Seinfeld is the creme de la creme of TV shows. 

Now I could go into which episode is my favorite but that’s like trying to decide what kid is your fave.  Each episode stands the test of time.  Whether it be Yada Yada Yada, No soup for you, I was in the pool or serenity now the catchphrases were big back then and just as big now.  I even loved the last episode.  I thought it was the perfect way to end the whole series.

It’s the one re-run that I will sit down and watch and laugh at all the same spots, even when repeating the lines before they are said.

I know this will probably be the most popular answer but so what.  Great is great. 

Your turn!


6 Responses to “Humpday Convo: Favorite TV Show”

  1. I agree, Seinfeld and The Office are definitely in the conversation for my favorite show right along with Criminal Minds and 90’s/early 2000’s SNL but Scrubs takes the cake for me. The writing in it is so original and clever, it easily makes it one of the funniest ever. It’s amazing how a show that is so funny can be so incredibly serious and emotional at times. That combined with the perfect casting and acting for every role puts Scrubs in a league of its own

    • Flanz, couldn’t agree more. I do love that show but it takes one helluva show to crack the top five or so but everything you said about the show is dead on. I do think that show can last the test of time. You doesn’t want to execute the “perfect Eagle” right brown bear?

  2. Matt Gross Says:

    Great list Hendu! I’m still on summer vacation so here’s my top 10 🙂
    Leaving off some of the usual suspects to be different….

    10a. In Living Color 10b. Man vs. Food
    9. The Real Football Factories (British on YouTube)
    8. All in the Family
    7. Married With Children
    6. Entourage
    5. Diff’rent Strokes
    4. The White Shadow
    3. Breaking Bad (because the main character IS my dad)
    2. Cheers
    1. The Wire

  3. Matt Gross Says:

    And all 275 Episodes of Cheers are available on Netflix Streaming!

  4. Pete Olsen Says:

    I’m showing my age here but “MASH” episodes still crack me up.

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