Wanna Feel Old?

Thank you to Chris Ayotte for today’s post. 

The class of 2015 starts their freshman years of college the next few weeks and you’d be shocked at some of the things that have never been part of their lives. 

The Mindset List is compiled every year by Beloit College.  Some of the things are crazy.  They don’t remember the OJ chase!  Almost all culture references of the 90’s go right over their head.  They have no idea about Melrose Place or the old Beverly Hills 90210.  I mean how can they not have an opinion on the Dylan/Kelly/Brenda mess?  Jay Leno has always been the Tonight Show host.  OK, there was that Conan experiment but you know what I mean.  Most of them only remember Keith Olbermann as a blowhard MSNBC host and not a blowhard Sportscenter host. 

There are so much more things that this generation has just been used to growing up with.  I’ve had the pleasure of coaching a small fraction of these kids and am comfortable knowing that they are ready for whatever the world throws at them next.  I’ll be in more shock when the class of 2018 gets ready for college because most would be born after I graduated High School.



One Response to “Wanna Feel Old?”

  1. Thanks for that age reminder. I don’t know much about Beverly Hills 90210, I’m more likely to remember The Beverly Hill Billies.

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